Scarecrow missing from Alleycat Acres farm, Central Cinema looking for Dune poster thief

A series of strange thefts on Union have people scratching their heads and searching for answers.

Central Cinema (a CDN sponsor) is on the search for the person who stole their Dune poster. They announced the theft on Facebook Wednesday morning:

They later posted a security photo of the person they say stole it.

UPDATE: According to commenter Andrew, he took the poster for a friend. He apologized and said he would return it.

Meanwhile, the week-old Alleycat Acres scarecrow is missing and feared stolen. There is no evidence the thefts are connected, but they occurred a block apart, likely on the same day. Farmers first noticed the theft when they showed up for the regularly-scheduled Wednesday work party at the 22nd and Union farm, next door to Cappy’s Boxing Gym.

“We’re risking a real-life Alfred Hitchcock story about to happen if we can’t fend off the crows,” said Sean Conroe of Alleycat Acres.

The scarecrow was made by youth as part of a summer program run by Seattle Parks and Recreation.

If you have any information, email [email protected].

0 thoughts on “Scarecrow missing from Alleycat Acres farm, Central Cinema looking for Dune poster thief

  1. It’s a good sign for the neighborhood if this is what makes the crime news now. It wasn’t very long ago that the crime news was much more serious. The poster wasn’t any big loss, we were mostly offended that they didn’t ask and just greedily grabbed it before the show. We likely would have given it away after the show.

  2. the poster thief is a person named Andrew. He lives in the neighbor hood. around 5’8″. Small eyes, small nose, big belly. tattoos on his arms. wears stupid hats. he is also an asshole. you might already know him.

  3. Hey yes I took it and I apologize, most theatres ive gone to of this nature the posters are welcome to the customers I did not mean to offed or hurt. I will return in dame condition taken.

    Once again sorry for inconvience.

  4. And I like my stupid hats. I have no problem returning it. And it was meant for a good reasod a for a friend who’s dad died. I thought it be a nice gift.

    There really was no malicious intent to stealing a cool poster for a friend.

  5. Hey Andrew, as you yourself said it’s only “most theaters” in your experience that would allow people to just take a poster.

    Since you know and admit it’s only most theaters, and not all, wouldn’t common sense dictate that you ask first before taking something?

  6. Well I was informed through a friend, and saw they were genuinely upset. So I’m giving it back. Yes independent is what I mean by most, meaning non commercial, I’ve never had a proWith With taking them down for enjoyment of the customer. Like I said I had a good intention for it, wasn’t even for me. Your dislike of me is anathema, they’ll get the poster promptly. Sorry central cinema, didn’t man to cause you loss.

  7. Its the truth, never said it made it ok. In fact I feel bad about it, I don’t wanna hurt the business, I enjoyed my time there and spent a lot of money, there’s no justification, but I will give my reasons for why I did it. And I wont feel bad for the why. You sir are welcome to take up your obvious personal dispute with me in person any time you like.

  8. I wont be posting anymore, save your comments and outrage for things in this world that truly deserve it. You can demonize me all you want, but the truth is I’mnot the sinister poster thief you wanna make me out yo be. Take your Anger and outrage and put it towards people a real problem. I find the taking of a printed piece of paper the last thing to come up in arms about. Non the less I was wrong and will right my wrong.

  9. Hi Andrew, next time just ask us and we can turn a poster loose after the movie plays. We were bugged because it swiped a few days before the actual show. We give away posters all the time for shows that have ended, unless its something special that we want to frame and keep on the wall. Just check in and we can work it out.

  10. HA! I have a hat just like that too.
    Sorry that the facebook commenters were so harsh. We posted the photo because we were frustrated by the swiping, but c’mon people, be like Swayze and Be Nice…

  11. I think that the fact that the individual (Andrew) fessed up, took responsibility for his actions, & is returning the Dune poster says a great deal about this man’s character…most people would not bother returning it or claim that they did take it. So, the matter is solved & no one needs to freak out about a poster! Move on to more important issues!

  12. Hah yea no worries I deserved a good razzing by the masses. I truly am sorry. I just saw it and was like this is perfect for him! I will return asap, currently working.

  13. How could he not fess up? His picture was taken and his name posted.

    Funny how thieves only take responsibility after they get caught.

  14. I saw a creepy scarecrow in a yard on my walk yesterday that I hadn’t seen there before. I will walk by tonight and see if it looks like this one and let you know.

  15. Scarecrow I saw yesterday in a Davis Pl. yard that seemed similar to this one is no longer there. Curious.

  16. Thank You central cinema for being understanding and cool. I especially glad I was asked to sign the poster and it will now be framed and hung. Very cool, thanks for not being too hard on a nefarious criminal mastermind.

  17. The poster is back and everything is good again. It is getting framed and put up on the wall. Thanks Andrew!

  18. ahh! we’re still missing him. Although we may have a replacement soon!

    We hope whoever took him takes him on adventures and sends us photos of where he’s at. He’s wearing an Alleycat Acres tshirt — so he can’t be that hard to miss!

  19. A nefarious criminal mastermind would definitely not get caught and exposed so easily. I would suggest a change of career, now that everyone in the ‘hood knows who you are. Good luck.