Seattle Crime: Shots fired in dispute over woman near 12th and Jefferson

An apparent dispute over a woman ended in gunshots in the early morning of August 22, according to Seattle Crime. A man and two friends were hanging out in a restaurant near 12th and Jefferson around 3 a.m. when a woman approached them. That’s when the trouble began.

From Seattle Crime:

The man tried to avoid the woman, the report says, but another man—the suspect in the shooting, who was also inside the business—apparently became jealous.

The suspect confronted the man outside the business and then walked off.

As the victim and his friends were standing by their car near 12th and Jefferson, the suspect walked by, fired two or three shots, and fled down an alley. 

One round blew out the tire of the victim’s car.

The report says the suspect may have fled the scene in a Hyundai Elantra.

0 thoughts on “Seattle Crime: Shots fired in dispute over woman near 12th and Jefferson

  1. I’m sorry but when did 12th & Jefferson become part of the Central District? This seems more like a Capitol Hill thing to me. CD in my mind starts around 16th or 17th Ave.

  2. It’s sort of a border area for our coverage. There are areas we cover that are not technically in the neighborhood, but are close and are not really covered by other blogs (for example, Yesler Terrace). 12th is traditionally a border area between neighborhoods (First Hill, Capitol Hill, Central District), but around Jefferson it gets into space that we cover here.

  3. The rule in this area seems to be if it’s positive… i.e. a new restaurant, it is Capitol Hill and covered on CHS. If it is negative…. i.e. a shooting or mugging, it is the CD and covered on the CDN.

  4. According to the city clerk this area is in the CD, along with Leschi, Madison Valley, and Madrona. This seems strange, as the individual neighborhoods have developed their own identities, but it mostly represents the areas that were red-lined after the war, thus traditionally black neighborhoods for decades. The border between Capitol Hill and the CD has been Madison Street for many years, so the SU area was never in Capital Hill. Longer ago, the area West of about 14th and south to Lane was all First Hill.

  5. if you are on the border, being 12th and Jefferson and you advertise your business on CHS – then you are Capitol Hill – if some of the perils of City life occur on 12th and Jefferson – its all about the CD. These appear to be the rules of blogging journalism is Seattle.

  6. Even if 12th runs through Capitol Hill, Jefferson St is WAY too far south to ever get included in Capitol Hill. It’s more of an SU place anyhow. But yeah, definitely CD.

  7. We can win the neighborhood award for highest shooting incidents per capita. I say we claim title to all shootings in these irrelevant fringe areas.

  8. Food4though, hittin that nail right on the head. Nothing new here – just your usual bias of reporting.

  9. send in more good news stories for them to report. The answer isn’t less information, it’s more.

  10. I was told by the people at the Madrona Farmers market, which is in the Central District, that they call it the Madrona farmers market instead of the Central District market because people may not go to it if it was called the Central District market.

    OK now attack my grammer!