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Patrick the scammer back at it

Just a heads up:  ‘Patrick’ is back claiming he’s our ‘new neighbor’ looking for money with some story.  He’s an average height, African American man in his 40s-50s with a scar on his face.  He’s wearing a black baseball cap and is riding a black bike.  Apparently he didn’t remember he had the same story about 6 months ago when he knocked on my door.  When I told him he had tried it before he said I had him mixed up with someone else.  If he knocks on your door don’t open the door to him – call the police.  He has left some of our neighbors on 20th and Pine/Madison feeling intimidated into giving money.

0 thoughts on “Patrick the scammer back at it

  1. 1.) Don’t open your door to strangers.

    2.) Don’t give these scammers any frickin’ money!

    3.) Don’t be stupid.

  2. He was down by the lid park (Sam Smith) last week. Last time I saw him I just said, “Oh! I know you! You’re Patrick, right?” and he knew he’d been made, and moved along.

  3. Wow, I still have never had this guy knock on my door! I’m kinda feeling left out. :/

    (That was a joke, in case anyone wondered)…