Patrick the scammer back at it

Just a heads up:  ‘Patrick’ is back claiming he’s our ‘new neighbor’ looking for money with some story.  He’s an average height, African American man in his 40s-50s with a scar on his face.  He’s wearing a black baseball cap and is riding a black bike.  Apparently he didn’t remember he had the same story about 6 months ago when he knocked on my door.  When I told him he had tried it before he said I had him mixed up with someone else.  If he knocks on your door don’t open the door to him – call the police.  He has left some of our neighbors on 20th and Pine/Madison feeling intimidated into giving money.

black lab(ish) medium size dog

Just FYI – I spotted a black lab-like dog, medium sized, trotting around Cherry Hill area and then eventually heading west on Union from 19th Ave.  He looked to have red tags, but not sure about that.  He seemed very lost and searching for his way home.  He would not come when called and seemed spooked by pedestrians.

I hope he finds his way home!!!!

He’s Back…

Just a heads up:  Today a guy knocked on my door claiming that he has locked himself out of a house and that he already payed the locksmith $41 but needed $4 more.  He identified himself as “a gay black man”  and said he would pay the money back.  I think he said his name was Patrick.  I said I would give the money to the locksmith, since the house that he said he was locked out of was only a few 100 yards away.  He was disappointed and left.  I’m pretty sure this is the same guy who has been circulating through the CD for a while now.  An African American man with a scar on the side of his face, in his late 40s-early 50s and “gay,” which he kept reminding me about.  He was wheeling a blue 10-speed.  I am at 20th and E Pine.

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