SDOT paving curb lanes on 23rd Ave next week

The city will repave the curb lanes on 23rd Ave from E Cherry to E Spring Streets next week. Work will start August 16 and wrap up August 18, weather permitting.

The curb lanes on 23rd Ave are significantly more deteriorated than the two center lanes. So far, the city has paved in a similar fashion from Yesler to Jackson and from Union to Spring.

From SDOT:

SDOT crews will resurface three blocks of curb lanes on 23rd Avenue, between East Cherry Street and East Spring Street, on August 16 to 18, weather permitting. 

One traffic lane will remain open in each direction, and the sidewalks will remain open. A Police Officer will assist traffic at East Cherry Street.

0 thoughts on “SDOT paving curb lanes on 23rd Ave next week

  1. No. We need to stop spending on the 23rd MLK corridor. We are turning that whole area over to AME to manage. They are very good at attracting development dollars and building up the community. The whole area will be uplifted. City is just wasting money. Let’s give it to somebody who cares about the community. First AME!

  2. The whole stretch from Jackson to Madison is getting a complete poured-concrete rebuild in 2015 (using the entire SDOT paving budget for the entire year).

    These block-at-a-time resurfacings are only intended as stopgaps to keep the road in one piece until the rebuild. And they are only resurfacing blocks when the road crumbles to the point that potholes and cracks can’t be sealed – they don’t want to waste money on a surface that’s just going to be dug up in a couple of years.