Babysitting Co-Op in the CD

I’m thrilled that Twilight Exit recently opened up their weekend daytime hours to parents – but honestly, I’d love to go there with my husband and have a pint and play some shuffleboard sans child. Or see a show together! Last few times we’ve done that, the babysitter has doubled the price of our evening out, an unsustainable fiscal model. Anyone with kids in the CD interested in starting a babysitting co-op? We’ve done this with other couples/neighborhoods in the past and it’s fantastic – everyone wins. You trade off babysitting with other parents, and everybody gets what they put in to it.

We have a 3 1/2 year old, live on Cherry Street – let me know if anyone is interested…

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  1. These seem to be hard to get off the ground, but a good idea… we were involved in a new babysitting coop in North Seattle before we moved down here to the CD; there seemed to be lots of interest, but some difficulty actually getting people to sit. Maybe small is better? Half a dozen families? Anyone?

  2. acmcn
    thought I would check in again to see if anyone replied recently – and here you are! If you happen to check back, please feel free to message me @
    [email protected] so we can talk more.
    That goes for anyone who is lurking and thinking about it…