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Metro Action Alert

We’ve got 4 days to save King County Metro.

Losing buses is unacceptable. We can’t afford more congestion, pollution, or inequity. And we must not leave people stranded.

Luckily, the King County Council can do something about it. On Monday, August 15, the council can adopt a $20  “congestion relief charge” to save our buses.

But we still –still– need one more councilmember to support saving Metro.

Tell your councilmember that you support saving Metro.

Call 206-296-1000

Leave a brief message with your name, where you live & work, and that you support the “congestion relief charge” to save Metro buses.

The facts are simple. Losing buses would hurt hundreds of businesses and hundreds of thousands of people.

That’s why so many businesses and people have spoken out.  More than 175 business, human service, labor and environmental leaders just signed a letter to the council. And more than 15,000 letters and petitions have been signed and sent.

With just 4 days left, you can do 3 more things to save Metro:

    • Call the County Council at 206-296-1000 and tell them you support saving Metro.
    • Attend a press conference this morning at 11am at the Convention Place Transit Station in downtown Seattle.We’ll be announcing the letters from the 175 businesses and the 30 elected officals who support saving King County Metro.
    • Attend the King County Council decision on Monday, August 15, at 1:30pm at the County Courthouse.

You’ve been great. Thank you for your support. Together we can save Metro.


Brock Howell
Field Director
Transportation for Washington

P.S. Remember, when you call the County Council at 206-296-1000, be sure to say your name, where you live and work, and that you support the council adopting the “congestion relief charge” to save Metro.

P.S.S. If you haven’t yet written a letter to the King County Council, send one now.

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0 thoughts on “Metro Action Alert

  1. Sounds like the councilmember from Bellevue (Jane Hague) has changed her vote. That means that the $20 CRC is going to pass from the council within the week with a 2/3 majority, skipping the countywide public vote.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’re dodging the Metro cuts entirely. The tab fee will only cover about half of Metro’s funding shortfall, and will only last 2 years.

    There’s a pretty comprehensive list of the potential cuts out, but no one’s sure exactly which ones are going to be enacted.