Update: Found! Missing Orange Cat Near 22nd and E. Marion

Our beloved homebody cat has been missing since the night of August 9th. We’re on 25th between Olive and Howell and we think he may have gotten trapped in a garage or basement. If you are in the area we would really appreciate it if you could keep an eye out for him and let us know if you have any information, day or night.

He’s a large orange tabby, usually wearing a purple collar, but sometimes he loses it. He’s shy but nice.

EDITED to add: Our cat was spotted at the corner of 22nd and E. Marion last night (8/13). We are so relieved that he’s alive and not trapped somewhere. He is wearing his purple collar. Please contact us ANYTIME if you see our kitty.

Another EDIT: The cat just walked in the door, slim, but fine. Thanks to all who helped us look for our cat.


Sara & Joel

[email protected]

(206)390-8713 or (206)601-3506

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