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Remodel at 18th and Union

Changes to corner building and a look back at what was there before.  Can Anyone date this facade?

0 thoughts on “Remodel at 18th and Union

  1. I’m especially interested in the future of the little theater near the south end of the building. There have been many important and topical productions there; it has been a treasure to have this resource in our neighborhood.

  2. I think you’ll enjoy the article…I hope it will run tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

  3. I remember going their in the early 70’s, and yes it was a rough neighborhood back then. But the food was cheap, good and lots of it.
    It was our go to spot after a night out on the town.

  4. …well, geez, it’s interesting to see that there was drug activity, even way back when…thanks for the history lesson! :)

  5. How great that you found this bit of history in our neighborhood. Also kind of funny that an Irishman (I assume from his name) makes such a big splash selling Chinese food after hours.