CDN Pics: Night Out 2011 in the Central District

Blocks around the neighborhood closed their streets to traffic yesterday evening for to throw block parties for National Night Out. Here are a few photos from around the neighborhood. If you took some, add your own photos in the comments below (and be sure to add them to the Central District Flickr pool, too).

The Pink Pajamas rocked the 900 block of 20th Ave (near CDN headquarters).

SFD was making the rounds, letting people climb around on a fire engine and check out an ambulance.

@burstdown shared the following photo from 18th and Weller via Twitter. That’s a lot of marimba:

Then there’s this unlucky guy at 21st and Jefferson, via b0ysk0ut:



0 thoughts on “CDN Pics: Night Out 2011 in the Central District

  1. We had a great time on 21st Ave – Officers Kelley and House stopped by, along with their Captain. The firetruck was a hit with the kids (and my block has a LOT of kids!) Great event, and I can’t wait until next year!

  2. We had a great time, especially the kids! Thanks for posting the reminder, Tom. I couldn’t figure out how to add a photo here in the comments, so I added a few to the Flickr pool.

  3. The coppers brought out this sweet 70s ride to the block party on 25th and Fir. They said it was the famous BBQ that brought ’em up from Pioneer Square.

  4. Mayor McGinn and his entourage showed up, too. the Q13 news crew was all over it. I shook hands with Deputy Mayor what’s-his-name, and Jessie Israel told me to vote for the education levy in the fall. I probably will.

  5. I’m sorry I missed it. I haven’t been able to attend a block party for a few years now because I take an evening job during the summer quarter at the college. Which is a bummer cause it would be nice to mingle with neighbors again. We went to one shortly after we moved in and haven’t been able to make one since. Nice to see the pics though :)