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Foraging in the CD: A Few Pictures!

I’m a big believer in that a little good news in the neighborhood is always welcome, so I wanted to get up a few pictures from the Colman Neighborhood’s free Foraging Tour that happened on August 9, with Jackson Place Wildcrafter, JT.

We had 26 people show up to take a look at about twenty different common wild and weedy plants found within one square block that could be eaten or used to cure what might ail you.

I post a few more pictures at my blog,

Due to the great turn out, we’re already talking about organizing one of these in the spring (maybe we can actually cook up some tender nettles, eh?), so keep your eyes on the CD News.

A few upcoming events:

Community Harvest
We’ll be finally trying to gather up some plums with the Colman Neighborhood Community Harvest volunteers in the next couple weeks. There’s not much this year due to the craptastic Spring, but we’ll be trying to get a bit to the food banks.

Butchering Your Old Hens at Home
We’re planning on doing a class on how to butcher your backyard chickens in October. This class will be free, but we will be limiting it to eight, so drop me a note if that’s something you want to get on the list for.

0 thoughts on “Foraging in the CD: A Few Pictures!

  1. In the 900 block of Davis Place South there are over a dozen street trees full of ripe dolgo crabapples. These are the one sold in the ID for about $7 a pound. Your free for the picking.
    Go get em!

  2. Sad I missed the foraging! Can’t wait for Spring Nettle harvesting….one day I hope to organize a very informal basketball or volleyball team called the Stinging Nettles.

  3. They also make a great chutney and a good wine. Lots of them available to press for wine!

  4. Sounds like such a great event! I’m sad that I missed it, since I sprained my ankle that week. Looking forward to the spring event!