Crazy shootout at 23rd/Union: Man reportedly fires gun from sunroof in car chase

Thanks to readers for tips on this afternoon’s gunfire at 23rd and Union. Here’s the SPD report on the incident:

On August 10th at approximately 3:53 p.m. officers responded to multiple 911 calls regarding shots fired near 23rd Avenue and East Union Street.  It was reported that a black male was standing through the sunroof of a red car firing a handgun at a white car it was pursuing northbound on 23rd Avenue approaching East Union Street.  The “victim” vehicle cut through a parking lot and sped off eastbound on East Union Street.  The red vehicle fled in an unknown direction. 

A vehicle travelling southbound on 23rd Avenue was struck on the windshield by a stray round however, nobody was injured.  A comprehensive area check for involved patries turned up negative. 

No calls from the initial “victim” vehicle were placed to 911.

0 thoughts on “Crazy shootout at 23rd/Union: Man reportedly fires gun from sunroof in car chase

  1. 23rd and jackson had been getting too much attention lately, time for union to shine once again. Stay safe bakery folks.

  2. Just when I was hoping that corner was going to stay peaceful. I guess the best defense against this stuff is for the neighbors to say watchful and vigilant and report suspicious activity. And let’s take better note of car models and try to get license plate numbers! It seems like every shootout I’ve read about in the last three months involves a “white car”…wish we could be more specific. :(

  3. I’m stocking up on guns and ammo. I replaced all the insulation in my walls with sand an put steel plates on all the doors. Haven’t figured out what to do about the windows. Maybe I will just eliminate windows altogether. I’ve put up wireless cameras for five blocks in every direction from my house so I can see and record all the comings and goings. I called the city about getting a bigger water line so I can support a better fire suppression system and feed a water cannon front and back of the house. I think we could put in water cannons at each hydrant and man them remotely. We citizens have got to get more involved. Based on the crime patterns I think sleeping is safest between 11 and 3, both midnightish and day time, so I break it up into two four hour blocks. But try to keep it a little random, getting up now an then to “mow the lawn”. I’ve noticed that crips seem to foray up this way sometimes around 10 am. Not sure why. My hands start twitching about that time now. Also, we gotta do something about all the noise. It’s hard to hear the bad guys creeping around with all the construction, airplanes, hiway, and ambulances. It’s driving me nuts.

  4. Perhaps there should be cameras at 23rd & Union & also at Jackson …

    maybe there already are but it would be nice to catch these jerks