Woman asking for gas money in Central District

On Monday afternoon I was approached on 21st and Cherry by an elderly woman who introduced herself as Barbara. She seemed quite distraught, saying she had run out of gas and did I have some money so she could get back home in West Seattle. She looked moderately well put together but had pretty bad teeth. I offered to give her some bus money or help her call for help, because she seemed on the verge of tears. She asked if I would go withdraw $10 from a nearby ATM so she could fill up her gas can, and she offered to give me her bracelets as collateral for returning the money if I gave her my address so she could get in touch once she got home.

I’ve heard of similar scams like this in the area but I’m wondering if anyone has come across this particular individual before?

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  1. Yes, she hangs out regularly in front of our house (27th and Cherry) and I’ve watched her ask for money many times – even after someone gives her money, she returns to the street and does it again right away. It’s kind of upsetting to watch because she is normally waving a cell phone and appearing extremely distressed and traffic stops, literally, and she makes her appeal. I’ve seen cars pick her up and take her away – I guess to an ATM – which freaked me out, knowing she was getting in a car with strangers. I’ve seen many many people respond to her appeal knowing that it isn’t true. It is a difficult situation because I truly believe she feels distressed and needs the money – but the cover story is bunk I’m afraid.

  2. Whenever anyone asks me for gas money, I always suggest that they go to a gas station and ask someone filling up their car to pump them a few extra gallons. It seems like that would be an easier way to get gas, if they legitimately need it, than ask people for money.

  3. This lady has been on a roll lately. I’ve seen her three times this week between 27th / 29th & Cherry. Waving frantically in the middle of the street to make people stop and then asking for money. Kinda brilliant really.