Stabbing near Madrona Park — UPDATE

Seattle Police and emergency crews responded to the report of a stabbing near Madrona Park early Monday night. Information is still preliminary and unconfirmed at this time.

Police are looking for a man armed with mace and a steak knife and wearing black jeans and a black jacket with a black hoodie. He is also wearing a black hat with an orange logo and wearing white tennis shoes. He was last seen heading through the woods away from the park.

No word yet on the victim’s condition. According to a police radio report, the incident appears to be a case of domestic violence.

0 thoughts on “Stabbing near Madrona Park — UPDATE

  1. I was definately the work of the Jackson Place Slasher organization. This has gone from a lone thug to now a large collective of slashers of various bents. The only way to survive intact may be to join them.

  2. so was this DV? did the woman know the man? was he ID’d and caught?

    where’s the follow-up??????

  3. Yes, it was another Drug Violence incident. The woman had turned a trick to earn money, but, failed to share and the situation turned violent. That will teach us all that we need to be kind and fair. Or somebody will try to murder you.

  4. DV stands for Domestic Violence, not Drug Violence. Meaning the victim and the suspect lived together or were related. Also, the victim and suspect were both male.