Shooting near Pratt Park — UPDATE: One dead

Police and medic crews responded to a report of a shooting in the 100 block of 19th Ave early Tuesday morning.

According to KING 5, one person is dead in the incident first reported just before 5 AM.

We’re continuing to gather details and will update as we learn more.

0 thoughts on “Shooting near Pratt Park — UPDATE: One dead

  1. The hovering helicopter is ridiculous if it’s seemingly unrelated to the search. It’s been hovering for almost an hour now and just keeps circling.

  2. Anyone know how we can register a complaint about the helicopter or find outback who it belongs to? Why do they love to fly around in circles over our neighborhood making all kinds of noise at such an early hour. It seems happen periodically. If someone was yelling or playing loud music at that hour, we could call the cops to complain but what do you do about this? Seems like they could hang out over the highway and not even be noticed. Any ideas anyone? We’re trying to be a neighborhood down here, not an air base.

  3. I think it depends on who is operating the helicopter. I am all for supporting the SPD in working to find the individual(s) involved in this incident and SPD helicopters are fine. The news helicopters are a different story.

    We had an incident a while back close by our home. KIRO showed up on the scene within minutes. Helicopters were flying overhead. The news team on the ground were pushy and annoying. It felt invasive. At least this event happened in the evening so the helicopter noise wasn’t disturbing sleep.

  4. It says above the helicopter was not connected to the murder. Yes it was a nuisance, it sounded like it was right over our house.

  5. If SPD helicopters are needed, fine. Media helicopters waking us up at 5am and making our neighborhood sound like a war zone, not fine.

  6. aren’t you more concerned about what is happening in our neighborhood than a hovering helicopter? this is the second time in less than a week that i’ve woken up to gunshot, last week right under my unit, and this morning, just a block away. and in between these two incidents, a group of kids corner a guy walking home last Wednesday night at 10:00 pm, put a gun to his ribs and to rob him.

  7. I would think that everyone would be concerned about the murder and all the violence and shootings that have been happening in this area over the last few weeks and not a stupid helicopter. So you lost a couple hours sleep. Someone lost their life. And I hope it would get some media coverage. Such misplaced priorities and concerns no wonder this violennt activity keeps occuring.

  8. We all know where the source of this problem stems from. And yet if we discuss it directly our comments will be deleted by Mr. PC.

    Murder people. Murder. Shootings. Stabbings. Robbery. Drug Dealing. Welcome to the CD. You asked for it, you got it. Cheers.

    Want more? Keep up with your namby pampy sissy complaints about the peripheral issues and silence on hard reality. Idiots.

  9. Your neighborhood is a war zone. Wake up dummy. WTF. A man was killed two blocks from you house and you want to get back to sleep. Dude, you are the dumbest person in the nieghborhood.

  10. Perfect for

    And for those of you calling the CD A “warzone”, give me a break.

  11. Ok, genius. What are the realities we aren’t facing?

    Lol warzone? Its been quiet as the burbs for months before this recent outburst.

  12. Oh. so now this is about white people whining. Kram, you disgusting reacist twit. There is murder, robbery, shootings going on in the CD every single day. Are you not reading the details right here on this page? Check the SPD blotter. Look at the crime maps. CD is the center of violence in Washington State.

    And you gotta call out the race card; Put down people who are concerned about safety. The CD is experiencing a simmering civil war that will erupt if not address. Ignoring it – like ignorant fools (Kram) – is the problem.

  13. There is no civil war brewing. What the hell are you even talking about? there hasn’t been much criminal activity in months. The recent outbreaks is concerning but put your musket away there’s no militia rally scheduled.

  14. Wow Mike. I guess I must live in a different hood than we are talking about, sorry. Where I live there has been shooting an a regular, consistent basis for years. There have been murders, robberies, stabbings reported at a higher rate than anywhere in the city, and certainly grossly more than in the burbs.

    Do you seriously believe that there is no underlying problem that is driving violence? Is this stuff just random, acceptable, and not a cause for general concern? There is cultural strive going on in this city and many others. Some groups have been under stress for decades+. For so long that they have culturaly diverged from the core. They are not engaged politically or in any other way with intent to join your happy little world. They are fighting amongst themselves for resources, power, and prestige in segments that are of no interest to us – and that is the divergence. There is another society and it is in tangential conflict with our happy, smiley, I’m PC, democrats and republicans daze. And this new society will create war. And frankly – the current level of violence in Seattle CD is not far from it.

  15. You’re just tired from all the news media loitering overhead. Don’t worry there is only a 1 in 5000 chance of being shot in the CD this year.

  16. No, it’s about white people whining about helicopter noise while they should be concerned about a murder. BTW, please tell me when, in this “war zone”, the pervious muder occured?

    That’s right.

    Do yourself a favor and move to the burbs.

    reacist out!

  17. Last man murderred seems to have been Brenton. Guess it has been a while, so, no big. Two murders, 27 shootings, 11 stabbings, 137 assaults, 83 robberies, 6 rapes, etc. I guess we can live with that.

    Acutally, we could prabably tolerate more that that. Bring it on!

  18. No, the last murder was the one you committed on the straw man you keep building. Nice to have you in the “war zone.” We could have used you in the 80s.

  19. There’s a couple of neighborhoods where the issue is more concentrated than others in the CD. Pratt Park is in need of a full time police presence or a bunch of cameras.

  20. Glad I wasn’t living in Norway this past weekend!! Nor at any of the many colleges/universities over the years ….

  21. There is a gathering of people at the scene tonight. It might be a bit neighborly for those of us who aren’t involved to show some solidarity to our fellow neighbors and respect their loss.

  22. Is it customary to pack heat at these things? I’ve never been to one of these and certainly not of this culture.

  23. geesh! all this hostility. probably thugh on thugh crime here. chill out people! there’s some ghetto elements in the hood for sure. call the cops if you see something. move on. big deal. start packing and shoot back!

    btw, can we pay for more cops and less tunnels? that would make everyone happier!


  24. its very unfortunate situation and my condolences to the family…

    the house this happened at has a lot of suspicious activity. ALOT. and what the heck are they doing at 4:30am???? Sounds like a deal gone bad to me.

  25. Please remember that our frustrations with our own local, and on-going violence should not be used to down-play the terrible suffering caused by the violence in Norway. Murder is murder, and the loss to friends and loved ones is the same, and devistating to any community.

    My simpathy goes out to the local family and friends of this murdered man, and I pray for the victim that survived this savage attack, witnessing the death of her companion.

    I would hope that more of us local CD residents would remember to use our humanity in addressing another violent and useless death in our neighborhood. Lets not fight over pathetically minor issues when someone is suffering such a loss. Come together in facing the issues and in working together to solve these issues, not tearing it apart over anger comments and accusations. After-all, we are not like our pathetic politicians in DC that can only think of themselves and re-election. We live here, and need to support each other

  26. 4:30 am….since when is it not ok to just arrive home when ever you please??? why does it have to be a drug deal gone bad? why has this mans name not even been updated and added to the article. When 19 year old tanaya gilbert was killed in Skyway at damn near midnight, nobody was questioning why she was out in a car with a few people or speculating on what she may have been doing…this story is just as sad, he had a family and friends that loved him and is no different from that girl getting killed…RIP to the victim (i would have said RIP and his name however the news hasnt felt like updating their site even though they have announced his name on the news and showed his picture)

  27. Yea there’s a good idea – replace needed city infrastructure with trigger-happy cops who can’t even police themselves.

  28. We are a containment zone. Sure there is enforcement when people get vocal but if this level of violence was in any neighborhood north of the ship canal or West Seattle, there would be televised public outcry and the police would drive it out within a few days. As long as we permit our neighborhood to be a dumping ground for any social service agency, crime and parloees with no emphisis on econimic development soon the new middle class will leave like the afircan american middle class left here a decade ago. Class action law suites is all they understand. Sue, sue sue!

  29. Well if they ain’t gonna tell us what’s going on we gonna make up our own minds then.

  30. Ohhh we need too be positive!,
    How groovy. How about getting your head out of your self righteous ass and wake up. Reality is reality. Save you passive aggressive Seattle crap for the delusional. We have a neighborhood that needs lots of activism and not your kind. Grow up!

  31. Hey eyes man. Come on over were having a part. The vigil is over and the hood is 1/2500ths better. 2499 more murders o crackheads on the wall, 2499 more murders o crackheads on the wall, shoot one down, pass it around…..

  32. I often wonder what benefit the comments section brings to this site. Most stories don’t get any commenting but when someone is killed we get threads like this. I’d rather not know that my “neighbors” engage in this type of “discussion”. The majority of the people that live in the CD do not read this website and do not comment on these posts. I have to remind myself that when I read stories like this.

  33. thank you!! arent these comments sad, someone needs to tell these scared people that sit behind their computers and comment because the know that no one will ever see or know them to move out of this neighborhood, if they dont like it here leave…it isnt very often someone gets killed, its really sad, this blog has gone straight downhill since Scott stopped having a very active roll since his new job…we miss you scott! hope these unhappy people on here commenting leave this neighborhood and some caring considerate nice people move in

  34. You have the option of reading the stories without reading the comments. The power is yours to control your own life. Using this power, you decided to click on the comment button, read the comments, and comment on the comments.

  35. Who is unhappy? We have somebody trying to convince himself how happy he is. What a cool hipster “lifeisrythem”. How charming and peacefull. I guess self imposed ignorance is bliss after all, and “me” seems to agree.

    For the record – I am out there walking the streets of the CD every single day. Yes, walking. Ranging a broad section of the CD on foot daily. Saying hello to the people of all kinds. Chatting. Even to the thugs at Lane and 23rd and that side of the Park. I’ve been here for years. I know the individuals. I know what time they come out. I have tracked their connections from one block to the next. I guess I kind of like being in the thick of it. Yeah, I should move to the burbs. But hear I can see and smell the real underbelly of society. This validates my paranoia – in fact absolves it. The criminals really are there and there is a simering problem.

    You on the high horse will blame me for my harsh reality. However it is ignoring and ingnorance that drive the underworld. Just as we must shine the light on government and live in the light personally, we must shine the light on these criminals and pacifists. Take a good close look, and, it will probably dissapear.

    Or, hide behing your pretty self portrait of life in harmony and let this thing fester another 50 years.

  36. I remember seeing “America Love or Leave it” bill boards and tee shirts in the red neck south. Sooo, I take it that by making that “love it or leave it” suggestion you are as ignorant as the red necks that paid for and/or bought and wore those tee shirts and bill boards.
    Leave, hell no! The CD is and needs to continue to change. I and other like minded are not leaving. The dominent paradigm of crime, racism and ignorance will be swept away by new development, new people moving in and legal pressure on the police and city to remove this area as a containment area and dumping ground.

  37. Growing up in the CD, then living here all my adult life, I’m so saddened to see more senseless murders of young men by other young people with whom each shares more in common than they’d ever like to admit. Just like in the 60’s, 70’s, 80′ and 90’s, it never seems to end and it never stops being tragic. A young man is dead. Another has made himself a murderer. A young woman is traumatized. A community desensitized. Tragedy.

  38. i wont take the time your read through your meaningless post. You may walk the streets everyday but I bet you wont speak your mind to any one in these streets either. For the record I walk these streets everyday as well and do not feel a bit unsafe!

  39. then dont leave but quit sitting behind your computer complaining. Get out in the streets and do something positive to better the neighborhood.

  40. Get out in the streets??!!?? What a idiotic patronizing load of crap. We pay the police to get rid of the crap. We pay taxes like every other neighborhood and get little. We pay them, they need to do their job or get sued!

  41. “Senseless” really isn’t the right word here. This guy was a known criminal engaging in criminal activity at a known crack house. If he was “trying to get his life back together” as some people claim, what is he doing at 4:30AM at a home such as this?

  42. Another vigil? Kind of like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted folks, although good for the “RIP” t-shirt business. Until you leash you kids, nothing will change.

  43. Silly CD of course you need a vigil, what else are you going to do with your time. Seattle needs you to be the “hood”place. Please understand that all of Seattle is just like the CD, no need to venture out, especially north of the ship canal. How silly to consider leaving ” the hood” to go anywhere else.
    Must go now, meeting friends at out new brew pub in Wallingford or as it is called “Wallywood”.
    Oops, ignore that, just keep going to more vigils and crime prevention meetings, everybody does that in Seattle, no need to know anything different.

    Seattle guy

  44. Agreed Judkinsbum, the more people ignore the hard facts the more these problems are allowed to persist. They just come back with comments like “Wheres your proof??” just search Google and find out for yourself in the same time it took to type that out. Just search ‘crime statistics (Insert various words here_______)’ and you should be informed in no time. You will probably find that gangs need to be referred to as terrorists, or worse, for these problems to stop.

  45. Totally agreed Judkinsbum, remarks like the one that followed yours are exactly the reason that these anti-society terrorists have been allowed to live comfortably and shoot, rob and terrorize hard working nice people.

  46. I have lived here all my life and I don’t think I heard such an outcry in the 60’s when the Black and Asian community were being beaten and Burned out of their homes … but now here we go with our entitlement to a community that we just moved into and know nothing about!!!

  47. What are you talking about. The ‘victim’ was black. He was a victim because of his direct, lifelong involvement in the Black Ganster Disciples, the drug trade, and a broad range of criminal behavior and associations. He is one of hundreds of such individuals living in the CD and supported by a sub-society that accepts and encourages his behavior. They are prepared with excuses that will live for ages. No amount of appology, reparation, hand outs, encourangement will lead these criminals to a better path. They must be squashed so hard that those around them see it worthwhile to look to others for true inspiration. Being a criminal gansta must become a short sentance in live. 20 years of crime for Mr. Chumpman is an outrage. He has undoubteldy inspired dozens to follow him. Let’s give him no honor.

  48. Well, Judkinsbum, did you hear the latest? The man who was killed because of his association to the Black Gangster Disciples … was not the intended target! It was a case of mistaken identity! That is why we should do more listening than talking!

  49. I will assume you are correct that they shot the wrong guy. All the more reason to celebrate one less gangster in the CD. We need all of these gangsters out one way or another. Not just Chumpman. Mostly they do hit “the right guys” (any gangster is fine). 25%ish of the time they hit somebody who is actually innocent bistander.

    Good ridance. Now let’s not hold another vigil for another criminal. Instead let’s get out on the street and throw rocks at gang bangers.