Shooting at NE corner of 23rd and Fir

Last night at approximately 02:45,  over a dozen gun shots where heard. After the first shot, a loud scream was also heard. Mussel flashes where seen. This event last about 45 seconds. SPD was called, saying others have called it in, and that it may have been fireworks.

Anyone else heard the shootings this morning?

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  1. Something woke the dog and I up, I thought it was fireworks given the number of nights lately that neighbors have been setting off fireworks in the very late/early hours. The dogs nerves are ready for the 4th to be over already. I didn’t hear a scream however, but may have been too far away to hear, we’re near 26/Alder.

  2. We’re looking into and will let you know if it was more than fireworks.

  3. I heard it, but did not hear any screams of terror or laughter nor tire screeching. i am over on 21st.

  4. I heard the shots and called myself. The shots were actually in the alley behind the library between 23/24 – we saw a group of 6+ males run from the alley toward 23rd and then moved out of sight.

    I also heard one noise that sounded like a yell, but other than that it was only gunfire – at least 7 or 8 shots in a 60 second window of time or less.

    We heard nothing else – not even police sirens – which surprises me as I was also told there were several calls.

  5. Over on 20th I heard it and called police, as well. Heard/saw no police response, which is alarming if true.

  6. we heard it at 24th and spruce but thought it was fireworks because of the flashes of light.

  7. Seems the last few nights since the Independence Day, between 2:30 to 3am there have been fireworks going off (i’m usually up that late). The ones right after the 4th sounded like they came from Whitman school or Pratt park and were definitely fireworks (with the little pre-explosion whistle). But the ones the other night did sound more like gun fire.

    I hate that I have to wonder which it is….

  8. I saw police presence a few minutes after I called, with at leased 10 police cars going by. They suspect they were setting up a containment area…

  9. for the love of judas – please correct the spelling error in this title.