Queen Team calls it quits, Underwood heads to Tacoma for Olympic training

Citing a lack of funds, the Queen Team based out of Cappy’s Boxing Gym has called it quits. After months of training that helped lead the Queen to her fifth National Championship in a row in June, the Queen has decided to train with Tacoma Boxing Club instead of Cappy’s at 22nd and Union.

From the Queen Team website:

Wow!  It has been an amazing 6 months since the Queen Team was  launched.  Without all of your support and money, we couldn’t have accomplished such Historic Goals.  We got our Boxer qualified for the Pan American Games, the U.S. Olympic Trial Box-offs and her 5th National Championship.

It is now the 7th month and we will be closing down the Queen Team.  We are out of money and cannot continue to operate without funding.  Upon Queen’s return from Nationals, we offered a training proposal that Queen turned down.  She has opted instead to train with Tacoma Boxing Club.

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to this team and Queen’s goals.  You can stay in touch with Queen as she works her way to the gold via e-mail.  [email protected]

We wish the Garfield alumna much luck on her journey to the London games. Good work, Cappy’s and all the area businesses that did what they could to help her get where she is. We’ll definitely keep following her as she tries to be one of the first women ever to win an Olympic medal for boxing.

0 thoughts on “Queen Team calls it quits, Underwood heads to Tacoma for Olympic training

  1. Keep up the hard work. Sorry we could make it work here for you, but you still have part of the 206 in you!

  2. If she wants a medal, she should go where they have not only true boxing and boxing competition knowledge but the wherewithal to organize and fund things. Cappys is a great place to work out, not a serious boxing gym, although it would like to be.

  3. This has me a little curious. Why would should leave the team that got her there. If its not broke don’t fix it. Why isn’t the USOC helping out with funding? Where is the loyalty? I think its sad and wish the people who helped put her where she is the best.

  4. “If its not broke don’t fix it.”

    Yeah but they are literally broke. As is explained by the sentence: “We are out of money and cannot continue to operate without funding.”

  5. USOC doesn’t provide funding until you’ve officially made the team (and even then it doesn’t necessarily cover everything, not by a long shot). Until then, funding is from friends and family, your national organization if there is one (I’m only familiar with swimming, not boxing so am not sure how it works for boxing) so the money is always an issue for athletes. If she can’t get it here, then she has to go where the monetary support is. Sounds like she might have preferred to stay with Cappy’s, but someone has to provide the $$ for her to train the hours required to make the cut (to train that many hours you really can’t hold down a paying job – your job IS training).

  6. This story is not accurate. There is not one single quote from Queen Underwood. Queen is still fully committed to Seattle, and Seattle is fully committed to her.