Friends and family of man killed at 19th and Yesler hold vigil – UPDATED

Police have not released any new details about a shooting July 26 on 19th Ave near Yesler that left one man dead. He has not yet been officially named, but a vigil set up by friends and family near the site of the shooting send messages of love and goodbyes to “D.C.”

UPDATE: The King County Medical Examiner has officially identified the deceased as Demicko Chatman, 41.

Flowers, candles and balloons mourned the man’s life, and visitors lit candles and said goodbyes. Messages scrawled on the balloons read, “Stop the Killing,” and “RIP D.C.” One person wrote a message on the sidewalk.

The shooting happened around 4:30 a.m. July 26. The victim had just parked and was exiting the car when he was shot several times in the chest. A woman in the passenger seat fled and flagged down a police officer a block east. She told the officer her friend had been shot. The man was dead by the time medics arrived.

Police have not released a suspected motive or a suspect description.

UPDATE: The Seattle PI has more on Chatman’s criminal history and some thoughts from his roommate:

Chatman was a member of the Black Gangster Disciples in the Central District, according to police. He was sentenced to 87 months for a January 2007 gun possession case, following other felony convictions. His criminal history includes assault, burglary, robbery, DUI and 24 other criminal traffic convictions, according to court documents.

But he was released on April 26 after getting a 10-day early release, credit for good behavior and for time served in jail while his case was at trial, according to the Department of Corrections.

Speaking Tuesday, roommate Vickie Borders said Chatman had been trying to build a life for himself since his release from prison.

“He was looking forward to getting together with his family and being with his son,” Borders said. “That’s my best friend, man. That’s my partner.”

0 thoughts on “Friends and family of man killed at 19th and Yesler hold vigil – UPDATED

  1. Damn I am glad I don’t live my life by those barbaric and animal like rules. Sounds like a dream life, not.

  2. This gang has been given free reign over the CD. The majority of the community as conceded that the Discples are an acceptable and dominant part of our community. We see them everyday, dealing drugs, pimping, providing security for the gambling, black markets, and drug trade in Chinatown. What appears to be harmless, aimless youth staked out on ever 4th courner of the CD are watch outs for police and rivals. They are communicating by phone and runners. Validating the connections of buyers. Tracking who is who. The fact that you have not added it up this way yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t so. You just don’t want to know.

  3. How did you assume I haven’t added this up or do not observe the same stuff you site by reading my post? I agree w/ everything you typed, expect the not knowing part… I am just curious how you got all that insight by me saying those street rules are barbaric and not a dream life? I already know more than I ever want to know about this low life, animalistic, horrific culture and way of life…so don’t assume stuff from a few lines of text. Thanks.

  4. Hey Rules. That was a generic “you” to the reader to whom it may apply. I did not mean to imply you in particular, though, my language skill may have left that hanging. Your statement is quite easy to agree with.

  5. I sucks that the community suffers. When life is lost the police is doing there job so they say! It’s still puzzels me to see how the streets become more violent,or even the case goes cold these incidents occur month after month after month and then these DEATHS become categorized,or profiled to be gangs or the drugs come up how about murder or suicide get to work SPD still missing the ponit of these deaths these are not loss lives being taken these are crimes that are occurring being taken through bad through the mud we as a community should be scared theses a gun being used to kill what happen to the first 48hrs of these death&some real justice it’s justified HELL NO personally I have alot of reason to say a process should take place seattle police seem to only care about you dieing if you work for SPD or CENTURY LINK QWEST FIELD so work at either(the public) Following the internet comment tells me your death HAS NO IMPORTANCE of being a priority to solved if your black,white,race is not the case in seattle it’s (F)friends(B)brothers(I)inlaws I

  6. These people typing these hurtful comments good ridant to a chump is very disrespectful the vigils will go on forever the celebrating will be when justice is granted to that family so go celebrate that fake justice with the others I hope&pray the truths to many unsolved or under investigation deaths in the CENTRAL AREA

  7. The honorable Mr. Chatman was a member of the Black Gangster Disciples in the Central District. He was sentenced to 87 months for a January 2007 gun possession case, following other felony convictions. His criminal history includes assault, burglary, robbery, DUI and 24 other criminal traffic convictions, according to court documents.

    Most of us in the CD do not grieve the loss of Chatman. Nor do his associates in Black Ganster Disciples who shot him. The family and friends say what a wonderful fellow he was and looking forward to building a new life. But that is not what happened. He returned to a life of crime.

    That was a choice. We refuse to say he was entirely helpless to take control over his live and to acheive something possitive. Some will speak of the hopelessness and blah blah condition of such individuals in society. Still, this man had many years and many opportunities to see the right path for himself, but, he chose crime and death.

    And Chatman’s choices endangered more than himself. He endagerred anyone of us who could have ended up on the wrong side of the gun he carries, his gang carries, or who was on the street that morning. Could have been me if I would get up for a walk on time. Chapman is the reason more and more regular folks are carrying weapons in the CD. You never know when you’ll end up in the middle of a gang shooting. They are firing on a daily basis. We call them discharges of weapons and often they seem to not have any victims, but, know that Chatman and his gang are behind the shooting. They want you to keep your mouth shut and respect their dominance.

    I’m telling you right now. I have no respect for Chatman the low life criminal that has menaced our society for decades. Good bye Mr. Champan. I am having another toast to your absence this evening.

  8. D – It’s an impossible job to prosecute perpetrators of violence when even the victims themselves will not cooperate with investigation and prosecution. Until the “don’t talk to the police” culture in the CD goes away, these crimes will remained unsolved and the cycle of violent retaliation will never end.

  9. Can we get more gentrification now please??? Where can I donate to make that happen? The sooner we can move these Gangsta Discples to Kent, the better for all concerned!

    I would also pay more taxes for more cops. Much rather have that than more busses!

    Please please please, Mayor McCheese!

  10. Not a good trade off. We need public safety and transportation. A greater number of police is not necessarily the answer. They are only part of public safety and solutions. A greater number buses without planning and expanding to other areas would not solve transportation issues.

  11. Dude, punctuation. This diatribe is extremely difficult to read (although I think I agree with the premise).

  12. Gentrification doesn’t necessarily have to mean more white people.
    Maybe if the black people in this neighborhood could stop shooting each other and praising worthless gang bangers, then maybe they too could be involved in this thing we call gentrification. Try this, stop acting like you are a victim, get an education, work hard, save your money. Then maybe you can afford a house in the gentrified CD.
    This neighborhood doesn’t need more white people, what it needs is more good citizens and less violence less drug dealing, less gang activity.

  13. Obviously people don’t know what there talking about first of all I knew this man for thirty years and I can’t believe the comments made. U people didn’t know him just because he had a troubled life he is still a human being and most importantly he is a child of god. All this talk about him being in a gang well well well it sounds like to me ur basing ur facts off the police department. And I can tell that u people aren’t from the hood so I wouldn’t expect for u to understand anything I might say we did what we did to survive no matter what it was or look like . This man was loved by every one he knew. The central district was our hood for many many yearsand it will remain our hood . He didn’t deserve that I wouldn’t care what was going on or what he was doing that’s not my business and its not urs eithier so don’t judge someone that u don’t know he was a father a brother ason a uncle a cousin and afriend to many and his life will continue in the central district forever. Lastly he was a disciple to the following of god not man.

  14. Sorry, this is NOT your hood any longer. Good people are taking this neighborhood from the non deserving and turning it into something we can be proud of. Stop selling your body, stop selling/doing your drugs, stop throwing your garbage on the street and have a little respect for the people who actually care about this neighborhood.

    Showing up to a house that is known for harboring thugs, criminals, hustlers, drug dealers and whatever other addiction or conviction at 4:30 in the morning is a sign that you yourself are up to no good.

    I say to you, show a little respect. As you walk down the street and you see trash on the ground, pick it up. If you see someone thumbing in the street, tell them to stop hooking. If you notice someone selling some drugs, let them know that ‘ain’t’ right.

    This is NOT a hood! This is a community and we need to start being one. If you live here then do your part to make the Central District a place to be proud to say you’re living. If you can’t do your part in taking care of our neighborhood then leave, don’t look back and certainly don’t come back.

  15. This is the two societies I speak of. In Chumpman’s world he was a real upstanding man of God. Didn’t matter that he was assauling people, pulling guns, running from the police in high speed chases through our neighborhood, up all night taking drugs. Somehow he was still a great father and a real asset to the gang community.

    Still not buying it. Let’s not erect a shrine to Chumpman. Kick some dust over the blood stain and get out on the street tonight and every night and drive the rest of the bums all the way to Stockton where they belong.

  16. Good post RyanCD. Unfortunately it’s too much to ask of the ones who like to live in a trashy, crime-ridden ghetto and hate anyone who wants to change it.