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Found 2 female boxer puppies

I found two female boxer puppies wandering the streets around 29th and Judkins early this morning. They look to be around 3 months old. I knocked on some doors in the area to see if they belong to anyone but no one answered. I talked to some folks walking their dogs but no one knew of them. 

I took them to my place to check them out (in good physical shape) and fed them (super hungry). I didn’t feel right about leaving them alone in a strange house plus my place is not puppy-proof. I absolutely would not leave them to wander the streets so took them to the Seattle Animal Shelter – 2061 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119, (206) 386-7387.

I am a long standing volunteer at the shelter so I know the care they will receive and can keep track of them. I am posting this just in case the owner(s) read the site.

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  1. I might have seen their mom wondering around 25th Ave yesterday (6/01). I saw a mother boxer with the same coloring walking down the middle of the street around 1:00 in the afternoon. She didn’t seem very street smart and walked right out in front of the cars. She was on 25th between Alder and Yesler.

  2. oh dear! that is not good at all! thanks for the heads up… i will keep my eye out for her.

  3. I think I really want one of these. Any idea if they have been adopted yet?

  4. Megan, you did exactly the right thing. (sounds like you might be feeling a tad guilty). Thank you for taking care of them in a very responsible way!

  5. shelter policy is to keep animals for five days so the owner has time to collect them. if an owner does not show up then they will be available for adoption. people do put holds on an animal that they are interested in but you can not visit* them until they available for adoption.

    i sent an email to the Washington State Boxer Rescue in event they have some resources to foster and place them, if the owner is not found.

    *take them into the canine corral and socialize with them.

  6. The puppies were claimed by the owner. Good thing that comes from this is that they are required to have them fixed, licensed and micro-chipped before being returned.

  7. We’ve been living in this neighborhood (near this very corner)for about 6 months now and I am amazed at the lack of care for some of the animals that live here. Dogs and cats – NOT spayed and neutered allowed to just roam the streets, dogs off leash running up to other dogs and people (and just yesterday this happened and really scared a group of kids who didn’t know if the dogs were friendly), people not picking up after their dogs. Just amazing. We have a dog and a cat…the cat stays inside and the dog stays on a leash, they’re fixed and have their shots. Seems kinda simple. At the very least I wish people would spay and neuter their pets. Some people should not have animals.

  8. I will also add, I’m sorry these poor puppies were not adopted by someone who is a responsible pet caretaker. I saw these two puppies hanging out in a front yard a few weeks ago and can guarantee they’ll be right back out on the street. I hope someone from the shelter can follow up and be sure they are being taken care of.

  9. I’ve been here 13 years, and we have made great strides in the feral cat problem. We used to be overrun, but thanks to free spay/neuter at the Feral Cat Project and the efforts of caring neighbors, only a few remain.
    When I first moved here, I’d see all these cats running around at night, and I’d scoff and say, whose cats are those? Why don’t they take care of them? I finally understood that no one owned the cats… Loooong story short, we’re past the worst of it (knock wood).
    As recently as last summer, a problem household moved out and left behind 3 nursing mothers, 6 kittens, and 3 adult tomcats. The “owners” couldn’t have cared less. Thanks to quick action, a dozen or more cats aren’t roaming and procreating, but are spayed and adopted.
    If you see homeless or unattended kittens, please act right away. Call the Animal Shelter for help if needed. An unspayed female can produce 15 kittens a year. The problem can quickly spiral out of control. I’ve seen it happen.
    Thanks so much to dag and all you other neighbors who care about the animals! :)

  10. the shelter does not have the manpower/resources to operate in that fashion. don’t wait on someone else to take action; if you see these dogs wandering around on their own, take note of their license numbers and call the Animal Shelter to alert them of the situation.

  11. Hi dag –
    I can tell from looking at your posting history that you are involved in the community and care about animals. You’re the kind of neighbor I love to have!
    Just to clarify, at the time I saw these puppies they were in a raised yard, not on street level. They weren’t wandering around but in a private front yard, but there was not a soul in sight and they were not leashed or tied up in any way. Had I seen them in the street, of course I would picked them up. And if I see them again, that’s what I’ll do. It just wasn’t a clear choice at the time.