Suspects arrested after shots fired near Garfield Community Center

Several suspects were arrested after shots were fired near the Garfield Community Center this afternoon, according to SPD. No victims were located.

From the SPD blotter:

On May 4th, at approximately 4:12 PM, someone called 911 to report numerous shots fired near the Garfield Community Center in the 2300 Block of East Cherry Street.  Witnesses reported seeing a female yelling out of a white car at a group of people standing in the parking lot area.  One suspect in the group fired approximately six rounds at the vehicle.  The vehicle and the suspects both fled the area.  East Precinct officers immediately responded and checked the immediate area.  The crime scene was located and five spent shell casings were recovered from the parking lot.  A red jacket matching the suspect’s description was located a short distance away at 26th Avenue and East Jefferson Street.  No victims were ever located.  Gang detectives also responded to assist with the investigation.

As the investigation was concluding, detectives saw what appeared to be the victim vehicle returning the area.  As the detectives attempted to contact the occupants, one of the passengers took off running.  As the detectives pursued, the suspect dropped a handgun on the ground.  The suspect was eventually caught and taken into custody.  A total of three people were taken into custody out of the car.

The original suspect description (shooter) is a black male with dreadlocks, wearing a red jacket (later recovered) and black pants.  That suspect ran off with a group of black males.  At the time of this post, this remains an ongoing investigation.

0 thoughts on “Suspects arrested after shots fired near Garfield Community Center

  1. My kids were there are the after-school program. They had a lock-down. Scary!

  2. My kids were there on the sports field. Jesus.

    Is there any security cam video surveilance from the community center of that parking lot? Tom?

  3. My husband and I were there with our little girl, playing at the park, and witnessed the event. Talking to cops afterward we were told that they can’t put cameras up there because of the fuss when security cameras were installed at Cal Anderson on Cap Hill. Very frustrating.

  4. Just another day in da hood. Zero self respect and even less for the lives of others.

  5. Seems like a week excuse. I’d jump on board with anyone aggressively advocating for cameras. We take our young kids there all the time as it’s our closest playground/community center and TT Minor’s PG is closed during the week.

  6. The gang situation in the cd is about to get a lot worst! I hate to say it, but Ive seen it before!

  7. It is going to get worse. People around here don’t like the type of policing that is required to quell things like this…..people in Seattle need to learn that criminals don’t go straight with hugs.