Seattle Times: More details about Garfield Athletic Director firing

Seattle Times reports more details about the firing of Garfield High School Athletic Director Jim Valiere earlier this year. The Times reports that the alleged scandal involved fake Spanish classes for several players, including basketball star Tony Wroten, Jr.

From Seattle Times:

Basketball star Tony Wroten Jr. sat in his second-year Spanish class at Garfield High School earlier this year and sent out a curious message.

“just me and my 2 bros,” he posted on his Twitter page in January. “we got a 3 person Spanish class. #Niccceeee.”

Wroten, the University of Washington’s top recruit, found himself in the tiny remedial class after an investigation showed that the Garfield athletic director in 2010 had given him and another star athlete passing grades in a Spanish class that never existed.

0 thoughts on “Seattle Times: More details about Garfield Athletic Director firing

  1. …let’s not hang this on the AD.
    The principal is not being forthcoming.

  2. The AD is scum. Why in the heck would he let ineligible players play…when he knew this information just for a win. Same thing happened over at another high school (SPS). It’s the AD’s responsibility to make sure that the players are both eligible and have no truancy issues (skipping class) before they even step on the floor. They are trusted to do their job. SHAME

  3. NOPE, the SHAME is that the AD is taking a fall for Howard, who is the SCUM. Jim Valiere is NOT scum. I’d trust him with my life AND my kids.
    Let’s hope the truth will out, in the end.

  4. Read the reports, the AD has done this not once but several times before! Athletics over education…NO GOOD.

  5. I agree with Gracie. Mr.Howard is behind this and is letting Mr. Valiere take the fall. He looks the other way for the entire basketball starting line up. Mr. Howard definately needs to be investigated as well.

  6. So your telling me that the AD did nothing wrong?

    Documents obtained by KOMO News show Valiere told investigators Wroten and another student were in his class during seventh period for the entire spring of 2010. But investigators say Wroten never attended, leaving school every day after 6th period to attend physical therapy. Wroten’s parents provided doctor’s notes as proof.

    Investigators say Valiere also claimed he taught Wroten during the summer of 2010 — the same time Wroten was playing basketball thousands of miles away in Germany.

    Where was his ethics…I mean come on. If a principal/CEO/Manager was reprimanded for the actions of a dishonest employee every time..what would this world become. There are criminals everywhere! The fact that your not looking at how this kid had rules broken because the AD knew the family for years and how he (AD)wanted to make sure he made it to UW..and possibly the NBA….your blind. I think race is playing an issue! Is it because the Principal is Black? This guy has done a great job at Garfield. I have heard nothing but positive kudos about this guy. Kudos to someone making a difference. The real SCUM is the AD. Sorry that you would trust your children with this guy…..wait do they play basketball? Hmmmmm

  7. This same incident happened at Chief Sealth High School where the counselor forged grades for the Girl’s Basketball Team…I didn’t hear anyone say, “Fire/investigate Principal John Boyd”…maybe because John Boyd is white.