SunBreak: ‘Washington Hall joins the dance troupe’ in Titan Arum

Michael van Baker at the SunBreak had quite a lot to say about Titan Arum, a site-specific dance performance at Washington Hall we wrote about last week. This weekend’s run (May 19-21) is the second and last for the show, by Seattle-based Salt Horse.

From the SunBreak:

Salt Horse choreographers Beth Graczyk and Corrie Befort use that space, I’m tempted to say, and will, to uncanny effect. When the lights go down, Washington Hall joins the dance troupe (Alia Swersky, Allie Hankins, Jessica Jobaris and Shannon Stewart) and musicians (Stuart Dempster, Greg Campbell, Lori Goldston, Tari Nelson-Zagar and Jaison Scott) as an artistic collaborator.

Its decaying lath-and-plaster ceiling intrudes into your consciousness, while at the far left a paper construction falls over the horseshoe balcony that rims the room–double doors at the back swing mysteriously open, creaking with authentic age. Salt Horse composer Angelina Baldoz’s inventive, eclectic, atmospheric score arrives in stereo, with musicians stationed on the floor either side of the stage.


UPDATE: Bad news for anyone who didn’t score tickets yet: The show is sold out through the end of the run. However, they may stage a remount “sometime in the near future,” said Graczyk.

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