Seattle Crime: Carjacker posing as cop steals car at 13th and Marion

An armed carjacker who implied he was a police officer stole a car near 13th and Marion May 16, reports Seattle Crime:

Around 7:00 p.m. last night, the victim was sitting in 1992 Mercedes, parked on the street at 13th and Marion when the suspect walked up to him and asked him for directions to 21st and Yesler. The suspect then asked the victim if he had been drinking or doing drugs.

The suspect apparently strongly implied he was a cop, and told the man he was “getting ready to do a raid” on a house behind the victim’s car, and that he needed to move the victim’s car out of the way. He also told the victim he was working with several men parked in a van up the street, and threatened to book him into jail if he didn’t cooperate.

When the victim asked to see the robber’s badge, the robber allegedly flashed a gun in his belt. The victim exited the vehicle, and the robber got in and took off. The vehicle and suspect have not been located.

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