Madrona Mini Molly Moon’s to open Tuesday

The wait for Molly Moon’s in Madrona is almost over. The planned “micro shop” in the Madrona Laundromat building at 34th and Union is scheduled to open tomorrow (May 24).

Oh, and kids who visit the shop between 3-5 p.m. get a free cup of ice cream.

Madrona came in second to Queen Anne during Molly Moon’s “Shop 3 Where Will It Be?” contest. However, the company decided to not only open a new shop in Queen Anne, but also a micro shop in Madrona. The shop will be housed in a storefront corner of the Madrona Landromat, which went through some renovations in the fall.

Instead of providing full-service scoops, cones and sundaes like the Capitol Hill, Wallingford and soon-to-be Queen Anne locations, the Madrona location will sell prepackaged scoops in cups, as well as pints, sorbet-sicles and ice cream sandwiches.

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