SPD finds stolen pistol after argument near Garfield

A 911 call about a disturbance near Garfield High School lead officers to recover a stolen handgun and arrest an 18-year-old on a gun law violation and for investigation of stolen property. Here are the details from the SPD report on the Friday early evening incident:

On May 20th, at approximately 5:15 PM, East Precinct officers responded to a 911 call from Garfield High School concerning a disturbance involving a handgun.  The caller stated that there was a large group of young people in a disturbance and talk of a gun was overheard.  Two officers were driving past the location when the call was broadcast.  They immediately spotted the suspect and another person involved in an argument.  As the officers were detaining the two indviduals, the caller reported further that one of the individuals had thrown a gun nearby.  Another officer recovered the handgun.  The gun, a .357 revolver, turned out to be stolen.

The suspect, an 18 year old male, was positively identified and arrested.  He was later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of VUFA and Investigation of Possession of Stolen Property.

0 thoughts on “SPD finds stolen pistol after argument near Garfield

  1. a large group of men, 2 engaged in an argument with a fire arm present. These people are lucky the police were in the neighborhood or we could be talking about death or serious injury. Help is needed in the neighborhood.

  2. This is disturbing for many reasons, not the least of all is the fact that they were near a community center AND a high school. Doesn’t carrying a handgun within a certain radius of a school have a stiffer punishment? I thought it used to.

  3. Again i say, funny how white people never cared until you start moving in the neighborhood! before it was just a-ok! as long as it wasn’t YOUR kids at risk!

  4. Once again reminded of the quote… Freedom of speech makes it easy to spot the idiots.

  5. lmao….so speaking the truth makes me an idiot? tell me what part of what i posted is not true! im soon to be 35 born and raised here….i think i might speak from experience!

  6. I’m just gonna go with this theory: 22u was speaking in reference to the 2 comments above you. Even if he wasn’t.

    @pinig, it wasn’t a large group of men. 2 teenage guys and 3-4 teenage girls. “These people” are not lucky and the police are always in the neighborhood.

    @lizwas, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Kids yelling and some wanting to fight.

  7. I care about where I live. I don’t care as much about neighborhoods I don’t live in. Don’t get me wrong, I care about violence everywhere – it makes me sad. But yes I care more when it affects my immediate surroundings.

    That logically summarizes your theory about why “white people” suddenly care more about the central district. You’re always going to have greater concerns and be more proactive in the neighborhood in which you live.

  8. Guns are a big deal – no reason they should be legal, PERIOD. As for the comment by ImAking, why does it always have to be about race? Everyone just wants to be safe. It’s people like you that are the problem.

  9. Yes, you are an idiot. You are not speeking the truth. I care about violence at Garfield but my kids don’t go there. Ha! I’m right and you’re wrong. Racist idiot.

  10. @bruce…so did you care before you moved in the area? if so dont take it personal! your such a funny guy!