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Missing cat

Sorry to post something that may seem trivial, but we’re getting desperate. Our 16+ year old female tortoise shell cat (light grey with beige splotches) has been missing for almost a week from 24th and Spring. She’s “special needs” – very timid and a little psychotic, but very sweet if you let her be. She has never been outside and is completely de-clawed (was when my partner got her), but we think she may have run outside last weekend when we had a dryer delivered. She would be more likely to hide than to wander or come up to someone. We’ve posted flyers on our block and on a neighborhood blog, but hoping that someone here may have seen her. She has no collar being an indoor cat, but is microchipped. Please, please, if anyone has seen her please reply here. Much appreciated.

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  1. As an FYI, many years ago I had a similar situation. My kitty went missing for almost 2 weeks. I found her right next to the apt. building. They tend not to wander (unlike dogs), but will tuck themselves away and not make a peep, despite hearing your voice, when they are scared. I think Tess got hungry enough that her desire to eat overcame her fear.

  2. Thanks CG. We’ve looked everywhere around our house but will keep looking.

  3. I hope you find her. I will keep my eyes open. Please let us know when she comes home.

  4. I saw a couple kitties (sorry, I didn’t notice color or anything helpful about their appearance!) sometime this past week–one was just outside the NE corner of the fence around the old Nova school (the Horace Mann Building), one was inside the fence in that same area. You could try talking to the people who are taking over that building to see if anyone else has seen cats around. The gate to the parking lot is open fairly regularly now, so you could probably just go right in and chat with whomever is on site that day.

    Hope you find your kitty soon! I’ll keep an eye out for her–we live near 24th and Columbia and I walk the dog every day around the ‘hood.

  5. is an open garage or storage shed! If your neighbors could all check (or let you check) these things, too, maybe that’s where she’s been hiding. If you have a treat bottle/container you can shake while you’re calling and it has meaning for her, it just might be the incentive she needs to make herself known. ;O) I try to raise all my cats so they come running at that sound…it comes in so handy in emergencies like this. They can hold out for weeks without eating, so don’t give up hope.

    And to me, this is one of the biggest reasons for having a neighborhood website…this is just the sort of service it should provide!

  6. Thanks mistamatic. We’ve started to give up hope since there’s been no sign of her at all, but your message helped. We’ll keep trying – thank you.

  7. I was watching my Dad’s cat at my house while he was on vacation. On the first day she pushed out a screen and jumped out the window. She was missing for over a week. We posted fliers around the neighborhood and one of our neighbors spotted her and returned her to us. We had figured she was gone forever considering she was missing over a week from a house that she wasn’t used to but she was found in good health. Keep looking!

  8. Sorry to hear about your missing cat. Not sure if this is another cat, but a gray cat with more beige/white spots on its back came up to me and my 4 year old as we were walking south on 34th Ave. a few houses before Columbia Sunday morning around 8:45. But from your picture, the cat we saw was much fluffier, no collar and very sweet and friendly. It must have heard our voices because it came out from the front yard of the house we were in front of and let us pet its back and started to follow us a few steps, but then hung back. I had assumed it lived at the house we were by, but there’s a chance it could have been your cat. I just wanted to let you know, in case you hadn’t looked in that area. Let me know if you want more info like the address of the place we were by or if you want me to go back and check it out. Good luck!

  9. Correction on the location, it was between E Marion and Spring St. on 34th Ave, on the East side of the street, right across from the park. It was about the 3rd or fourth house South of E Marion.

  10. Thanks Alice – I don’t think she would have gone quite that far, and she’s VERY timid, I’m sure this wasn’t her. But we’ll look around that area too just in case. I raelly appreciate you leaving a response here … the hardest part is not knowing anything, and no one nearby having even seen her. Thank you for taking the time to post something here. :)

  11. When one of my cats went missing for a couple of days a few years ago, she eventually appeared when a neighbor opened her outside basement door – apparently my kitty had sneaked in the previous time the neighbor went into the basement.

    Maybe you could have your neighbors check their basements and garages.

  12. There’s a grey/tortie hunkered down in my back yard, under my shed right now (I’m over on 22nd near Safeway). She looks a little fluffier and darker than your photo might indicate, but photos can be deceiving. Since its raining I’d bet she’ll probably stay there for a while.

    [edit] I put some food out in case it was her – but she left without touching it.