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two guys from a youth work program door belling

Hey .. I’m wondering if anyone else has been hit up by 2 guys,  young, raising money for some dubious youth program. I’m on 20th near Union .. seemed dubious. Didn’t offer any documents or anything.  Am I right? Sort of feel bad I practically slammed the door on them.

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  1. silver car please write the license number down and call the east precinct with it.

  2. carrie, are you saying they are driving around in a silver car? They were walking from house to house door- belling. 2 black kids, late teens could be early 20’s, a bit too gregarious, had con written all over them. When I’ve encountered real HS students, they’ve been far less ‘professional’ and certain.

  3. What was the name of the youth program they were raising money for? I know it wasn’t called “Some Dubious Youth Program”. Was it dubious to you because they were too gregarious, professional, and/or certain? I’m confused.

  4. JB … they showed up on my porch, banged on my door, they had no paper work, they talked super fast, they had jittery energy, not nervous energy. When I asked them where they were from they said the name of the place really fast. Then they just got weird and I said I wasn’t interested.

    Yes, they seemed sketchy, thought neighbors should know.

  5. They could have been casing too. This is an M.O. of burglars and people that break in to houses. They BANG and POUND rapidly (instead of knock in a civilized manner), they could have simply been checking to see if you were home. And the fund raising schtick was a backup plan. Sometimes it’s a lost dog, or some other line of bull. Someone else down the road probably got broken in to. Good work for being observant.

  6. I make all kids who come to my door and talk like this start over and speak slowly and clearly. I’m hardly an old lady yet, but it is so annoying and counterproductive to whatever cause they’re going door to door for, whether legitimate or not. It’s a terrible habit they’ve gotten into, and more of an age thing than anything else.

    So maybe if these two aren’t legit, someone will be able to make out what they’re claiming to be representing!

  7. I held out until the close of their very rapid-fire smarmy tedious pitch and was shown a wrinkled piece of paper with a list a magazines on it. These two were so shady it is hard to believe anyone in his right mind would sign up for anything they were claiming to offer. When I declined to buy anything they turned without a word and left. Hey, I thought we were friends!

    I was left wondering what their underlying motives were.