Lost cat – 24th and Spring

Sorry – another lost cat post.  Our adult black and white long-haired cat
Hunter is missing from 24th and Spring, we think he got out last
night.  He’s on the big side, usually very
friendly (although probably scared), has a high-pitched meow and he has socks
and thumbs.  No collar (strictly an
inside cat) but he is microchipped.    Please let us know by responding here if you
see him!

Missing cat

Sorry to post something that may seem trivial, but we’re getting desperate. Our 16+ year old female tortoise shell cat (light grey with beige splotches) has been missing for almost a week from 24th and Spring. She’s “special needs” – very timid and a little psychotic, but very sweet if you let her be. She has never been outside and is completely de-clawed (was when my partner got her), but we think she may have run outside last weekend when we had a dryer delivered. She would be more likely to hide than to wander or come up to someone. We’ve posted flyers on our block and on a neighborhood blog, but hoping that someone here may have seen her. She has no collar being an indoor cat, but is microchipped. Please, please, if anyone has seen her please reply here. Much appreciated.