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Meeting at old MLK school regarding use

April 29th 6pm, First AME is hosting a public meeting for the neighborhood and will take input and reveal their plans for the MLK building. Since we (taxpayers) paid for this building for them I hope it is well attended by residents of the neighborhood. They have not published this meeting much outside of their church newsletter but it is open to the public.Location on 32nd ave e between harrison and republican st.

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  1. This event was posted on CDNews on 4/1/11? Why did you state that they only posted the event on the church newsletter?

  2. I never saw it here, where was it posted i must have missed it. None of the neighbors seemed to know about it when i walked by the school and saw a few of them. Did they send out fliers to the neighborhood? I never got one or saw one.

  3. ok, my bad, i read this daily and never saw it but i guess everybody else here, knows about it. And to THENERVE, i actually said ” They have not published this meeting MUCH outside of their church newsletter” I said MUCH because I had not seen it published anywhere, but maybe they had somewhere.

  4. I see another ASSumption. Not being defensive at all. I just dislike when someone tries to incite their negative views on something so positive. I am Catholic. Not a member of the church. I am also a resident of the Madison Valley area for over 39 years. The school had been sitting there for years, I am glad that something positive came out of the school besides a soccer field. Give it a rest.

  5. tims… you are #WINNING!

    Just to be clear, nobody who posted on this thread is a member of First A.M.E.

    Aside from you, only three people have posted in here and Carolyn is not a part of the church. Neither is THENERVE. Neither am I.

  6. I would not have known about this if he had not posted this! you guys are pretty mean to be attacking for posting info. I live 2 blocks from the school and drive down 32nd daily and have seen no notices about a meeting.