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Soho Coffee stays open an hour later on Sundays!

We’re inching up there folks! Instead of closing at 5pm on weekends Soho is now open until 6pm. Also thinking about staying open later Thursday – Saturday. Thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions are all welcome.
Thank you all for your support.
Soho Coffee Company
1918 E Yesler Way (Corner of 20th and Yesler)
Monday  – Friday 6:30am to 6:00pm
Saturday – 7:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday – 8am to 6:00pm
Stumptown Coffee and awesome pastries from Macrina Bakery 

0 thoughts on “Soho Coffee stays open an hour later on Sundays!

  1. Is anyone interested in starting a knitting group at SOHO? I’ve seen people knitting there, and would love a group to knit with regularly.

  2. I’m in a group that meets in Columbia city and would love to work with people closer to home. Tuesday or Thursday evenings would be best, but I’m flexible.

  3. I love this idea — we close at 6pm right now, but I am thinking of staying open later Thursday Friday and Saturday. If a group were to meet up Thursday evenings that would get the ball (no pun) rolling for us to stay open later!

  4. I could put out a call on, an online knitters group, for a SOHO group on thursday, maybe we should meet at 5pm to gauge the level of interest and roll it back to 6pm if SOHO can stay open later.

  5. A Thursday evening group would be fabulous. pdonahue, did you end up posting to ravelry?

  6. i would totally hang out there into the evening hours.
    i think thats a great idea!