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Ducks at MLK & Cherry?

A concerned neighbor just reported a pair of ducks strangely settled in front of the grocery on the northeast corner of MLK and Cherry.  She said it seemed to be a male/female mallard pair; a feasible worry is that they have chosen a bad place to nest.  We wondered about the possiblity of moving them to the lake, but didn’t want to disturb them unnecessarily.  Apparently the Humane Society (not suprisingly) is not answering.

Has anyone else seen them?  Any thoughts on the appropriate care/treatment of mislocated wild-life?


Any info or advice appreciated.


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  1. Yes, I saw them too last week. I too, thought it strange, but wasn’t sure what to do about it. They didn’t seem to be aggressive or afraid of people. I’ll see if I can find out who to report this to since they’re still there.

  2. More just acclimated to people, I think. In past years, on hot days, I’ve seen somebody from King Deli having to repeatedly shoo them out of the store, because they’d try to come in the front door. They also seem to like hanging out on the roof, there.

    I think they’re pretty cool neighbors and hopefully just fine on their own. They don’t seem to hang out in the street much, at least.

  3. thank you, these are a pair of mallards, wild animals who don’t need a home they just are really used to people feeding them and/or ignoring them. I’ve had to walk around them too, at first I thought something was wrong with them but they just aren’t afraid of two legs; kind of like some raccoons and rats I know but nobody wants to snuggle with them.

  4. PAWS in Lynnwood has a wildlife rescue facility and they would be a great resource to call. They pick up the wild animals that are taken to the Seattle Animal Shelter. Their # is 425.787.2500