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Division 1 Sprinter Chases Robber After Stealing her IPhone on Bus 60

A young woman riding Metro Bus 60 had her IPhone 4 stolen by a fellow passenger at the intersection of Broadway and Terry Ave. The man looked to be around 6 ft tall, slendor, and  East African with short curly hair. He was wearing blue denim jeans, black and white basketball shoes, a blue & white striped sweatshirt, was listening to black headphones and carried a black backpack.

When the bus came to a stop the man grabbed the young womans phone and ran out the door. The victim took 5 seconds before deciding to chase him and leave the rest of her belongings on the bus. The man looked back and saw her and ran across Broadway, down Boren Ave, back across Broadway Ave, and through the Yesler Terrace neighborhood. Twice the man came extremely close to being hit by oncoming traffic but cars managed to miss him.

The chase ended outside the Yesler Community Center where the man hid and could not be found. Simply on her way home from work, the young woman was a Division 1 sprinter in college and used her skills to try and capture the man so he could be properly identified.

If you were a witness on the bus, driving down the street, or if this man sounds familiar to you please contact the local police as a robbery report is being filed.

0 thoughts on “Division 1 Sprinter Chases Robber After Stealing her IPhone on Bus 60

  1. Thanks for the post. So, can you tell us a little more about your connection to the story? Are you the sprinter?

    Also, date and time so we can track down more info?

  2. I am just a friend of the victim of the robbery. It happend at 6:45pm on April 6th.

  3. The victim has some cajones to chase the guy where she chased him.
    Thieves, you suck!

  4. My wife’s phone was stolen the exact same way by someone with a similar description just a few days back.
    She also chased him down but didn’t catch him.