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An update on Seattle Universtiy Youth Initiative is also on Squire Park Saturday agenda.

Saturday, April 9th Squire Park Community Council quarterly meeting at CAMP, 722 18th Avenue, 10:00 AM to noon.

Seattle University reflects and takes action on how it can contribute to the life of neighborhood children. Join us Saturday to find out how this may impact your community.

Start small, build a shared vision with the community and plan measurable objectives is what Seattle U had in mind when it developed its strategies for the SUYI.    In 2007, with a mission of empowering leaders for a just and humane world and an established tradition of service, Seattle University began to collectively reflect on how it might make an even greater impact. After intensively consulting with members of the surrounding community, it was apparent that the university’s resources and efforts were most urgently needed by the youth living right here in our neighborhood. 

The guiding principles behind the SUYI involves engaging, listening and working with youth and their families who live and attend school in its surrounding community.  The schools within the SUYI boundaries include Bailey Gatzert elementary, Washington Middle School and Garfield High School along with a Head Start early learning program in Yesler Terrace. The goals of Rachael Steward, the new Associate Director for Center for Service and Community Engagement at Seattle University, are to improve the academic achievement of low-income youth and strengthen the university-community partnerships within its neighborhoods.  Rachael will provide an update of the SUYI at the Saturday, April 9th Squire Park Community Council quarterly meeting at CAMP, 10:00 AM to noon.  

For more information or call the SU at 206-296-2569  or visit the SUYI website

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