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Are we making a good impression on our youth? Join the Squire Park Community Council.

(Later on the agenda but not less:

The  youth who live here, go to school here , and work here are a reflection of who we are and what we have offered them.    What are their contributions?  They do contribute.  What are their thoughts on the neighborhood?  What are their experiences in growing up and going to school here?  Whether you are a parent or a community member, you will want to have this conversation for insight into the  future and current state or our community.  Are we making a good impression on our youth?

Join us this Saturday, April 9th at the Central Area Motivation Program (CAMP), 722 18th Avenue,10:00 AM to noon for a conversation led by the Raza Unidas and Ambassador students from Garfield High School. What are their thoughts about the neighborhood? How are they working to build community in our neighborhood? How are these students working to build trust and cooperation among their peers. How are they contributing directly to the communities in which they live? Can we help? Youth, not only represent the future, they also serve as ambassadors of their families, school and communities. Raza Unidas ( United Races). Their slogan is “Si Se Puede” meaning “Yes, We Can!”

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