Details released in gunpoint robbery of six Seattle U students

The Seattle Police Department has released a report detailing the early morning robbery last Friday of six male students who said they were hanging out on a park bench south of campus when two unknown males walked up to the group, asked for a cigarette, pulled out a gun and said, “I’m sorry guys but I will need your wallets, phones and everything else you have.”

Full SPD report on the incident is below.

On 04-08-11 I was working a marked patrol unit as 3E23. At 0027 hrs I was dispatched to Av/E Alder St. When I did not find the victim there Radio called him back and I located him at 11 Av/E Spruce St.

The victim, said he was in , 1 Boren Av at 0020 hrs with a group of friends, V/ said they were all sitting on a bench when two other males walked up and engaged them in conversation. The males, listed as Suspect #1 and Suspect #2, asked what school they went to and what they were majoring in. V/ said Suspect #1 then pulled a black semi auto handgun from his front waistband, cocked it then said, “I’m sorry guys but I will need your wallets, phones and everything else you have.” The victims handed their phones and wallets over then Suspect #1 told V/ to hand over his bag.

V/ said he argued about giving his camera bag over to the suspect then thought the better of it because the suspect had a gun. He then reluctantly gave them his camera bag with all his camera gear inside.

The suspects told the victims to sit on the bench and don’t move for ten minutes. The suspects told the victim they would be circling the block to make sure. The suspects then ran N/B in the alley from the park toward E Spruce St. The victims did not see where the suspects went from there.

V/ said they waited 5 minutes then V/ realized he still had his phone. They called 9-1-1 and I responded. V/ who was in a wheelchair, said the suspects did not take anything from him but Suspect #1 cocked the gun right next to his ear. V/ said they did not take anything from him either.

Officers scoured the area for the suspects but did not locate them. I gave the victims a business card with the case number. I then responded to the campus security office and advised them of this incident.

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