Seattle U planning renovation of ball field at 12th and Cherry

Seattle University is in the planning phases for renovations to Logan Field, the softball field located at 12th and Cherry. Though no details are final, the project could add lights for nighttime use and bleachers for expanded seating. University planners are also considering an artificial surface, which would have lower maintenance costs, according to the SU Spectator:

“The facility will be a multi-functional outdoor space,” said Derek Hottell, director of Recreational Sports. “We will have much more flexibility with both the types of activities we schedule and the times we schedule them.”

Logan Field currently doesn’t have the lighting equipment to allow use during the evenings, greatly limiting Seattle U’s ability to host home games. Intramural softball games held on campus have to be held on the weekends during daylight hours and intercollegiate home games often take place at fields miles away. During winter quarter, when daylight is limited, Logan Field can’t support the number of teams and clubs that need space.

“The primary goal is to support recreational sports,” said Eric Guerra, associate athletic director for Finance. “Students should have a place where they can safely play, night and day.”

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  1. Does your reporting include asking neighborhood residents what they think about the plan to light the field? A few years ago the City of Seattle proposed to light athletic fields and you probably remember the resulting months of discussion.