Light Rail or Dark Rail? They’re both rockin’

Well, this is one way to get more people riding the light rail. The Central District’s own Hollow Earth Radio held a musical light rail concert Saturday as part of Magma Festival. Performers and audience joined at various stops and packed the trains full. At Sea-Tac Airport Station, the concert divided into the “light rail” and “dark rail” trains for the trip back.

From Hollow Earth:

Eleven bands & performance artists (totaling 50 individual artists) performed. Around 400 people showed up to experience the spectacle. It started out at the International District Station, traveling all the way to Sea-Tac and back. Performers were lined up to join at different stops along the way. Hollow Earth Radio worked with Sound Transit to make this possible. 4Culture & The City of Seattle Arts & Cultural Affairs financially supported the performance. Hollow Earth Radio’s Magma Festival continues throughout the month of March at various all-ages venues around Seattle as a way to support local independent music, community radio, and sound art.

Tahoe Jackson:

0 thoughts on “Light Rail or Dark Rail? They’re both rockin’

  1. WALRUS MACHINE (which is a 2/3 Central District trio), is playing on the first video: Steve Cline (trombone), Lyle Lordkenaga (drum, percussion, cymbal-hat), James Mclallen (trumpet).

    Second video is TAHOE JACKSON, who I had the pleasure to meet that night.

    I can’t forget the happy chaos of the crowds running and inter-changing cars every time the train doors opened. What a festival!