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Freeway Park Community Workshop and Presentation

Freeway Park is Revived!

The Jim Ellis Freeway Park Neighborhood Association has been working hard for 18 years to increase community involvement in their park and create a place where people feel safe to gather, walk and enjoy the unique urban environment.

The FP Neighborhood Association was just awarded a Small and Simple grant by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods toward the development of a park map, brochure and touring program. Please come and participate in this continuing conversation and help support your downtown neighborhood!

Tuesday March 8, 4-6:30pm

Seattle First Presbyterian Church
1013 8th Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

One thought on “Freeway Park Community Workshop and Presentation

  1. John Ellis is a maze! but I’m not sure how much a map would help. Seems like the target audience is convention goers and little dogs that live in Condo towers?

    I love the Seattle parks in the CD and nearby- lots of little green patches and some shinto-gorgeous big parks (like Sam Smith, The Arboretum, Frink, and Colman) that always seem to be empty when I visit. It’s nice to see posts like this one and other weekend walk ideas up on the blog (