UW athlete charged with giving alcohol to minor near Garfield

UW basketball player Venoy Overton has been charged with giving alcohol to a minor in an apartment near Garfield High School in January. King County Prosecutors chose one month ago not to pursue charges of sexual assault stemming from the same night out of concerns they could not prove lack of consent, according to Seattle Times:

After the game, Overton allegedly met with two 16-year-old girls and took them to his sister’s apartment in South Seattle (sic). A Seattle police report says Overton, 22, furnished the girls with alcohol and had sex with both.

One of the girls later told police that she felt like she had to have sex with Overton because of who he was. The King County Prosecutor’s Office decided against filing a charge in connection with the allegation because of questions about the girl’s account and conflicting witness statements, according to a court document.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes’ office then took over the case to determine whether Overton should be charged with furnishing the two teenage girls with alcohol. The city attorney’s office handles misdemeanor cases.

Overton’s first appearance in Seattle Municipal Court is scheduled for April 1.

Overton has been suspended from NCAA play due to the charges and will not play this week in the Pac 10 tournament.

0 thoughts on “UW athlete charged with giving alcohol to minor near Garfield

  1. Been watching this unfold for some time now. Really quite sad at the sheer number of people who immediately branded him a rapist without knowing any of the details, or if it was him in the first place because of this.

    The fact of the matter is that in this day and age, a rape accusation is about as good as a rape conviction when it comes to the destruction of reputation for the average male out there.

    Now he is forever going to be Overton the rapist to a bunch of ignorant people out there. The girls met the age of consent (much to the chagrin of all the “under-aged girls” accusations), and did not decline consent. That is what we *do* know.

    Not defending Venoy’s actions regarding the sexual conduct as smart, or even right, but there are some hideous accusations being casually thrown around by much of the public, whom at large would wither away under this kind of pressure if they were under the spotlight of a rape accusation. This kind of behavior is not only detrimental for all males out there, but also/especially for all the actual rape victims with a legitimate case.

  2. Uhhh yeah, but giving alcohol to under-the-age-of-21 girls was the crime. That’s illegal, don’t you agree?

  3. So What Obligated You To Put Him In The Shitlight??? Like Hes A bad Person Females These Days Throw Themselves And Public Icons Or Neighborhood Icons So It Was A Mistake Hopefully It Wont Happen Again But Dont Act like The Females Are Innocent There Just As Guilty As Him. Period Point Blank.

  4. Yup, and he is being charged for it, as he should. That is the “crime” they are charging him with now, since they were unable to get sufficient evidence to charge him with the rape. Don’t even have to read between the lines, they spell it out as such.

  5. He got 2 16yr old girls drunk and had sex with them, those are facts. Does anybody think the girls would have had sex with him if not drunk? Alcohol makes people do things they would not normally do, Overton is an adult, the girls are children, HE should know better than to prey on children , no 22 yr. old MAN, and a basketball star should get away with this.

  6. No, actually, children plied with alcohol are NOT equally responsible as adults. They are prey, in this case, for an immature victimizer. If so many females are throwing themselves at this guy, why doesn’t he have sex with adults?

  7. whether this adult man broke a law is irrelavatative….if you are in a high profile public position and you do something that is odious and dispicable in the eyes of many many people, you are liable to the consequences of it. its too too too bad the coach and the U didnt have the backbone to deal him consequences. they should have show’d him the bench, or the door for being a bad PR and example for the team and the public. who cares if it’s a felony, misdameanor, totally legal or not. that’s bs. Coach just showed that you can be a total d-bag and moron and get away with it. i thought he ran a tighter ship than that. maybe he will change his mind. until then, the next time we hear of VO it will be in the police report. lawrence taylor, anyone?

  8. knowing how people and the media are, for the player to put himself into the position of bringing girls into private and giving them booze was super super stupid. you reap what you sow.

  9. He shouldn’t have given them alcohol, but they accepted it and drank of their own accord. No one forced the bottle down their throats, as far as we know. I hope to god the sex was consensual, though likely misguided and the result of a serious of bad decisions. He made poor decisions, and the girls did too. The difference is that they aren’t adults, and thus their poor decisions don’t get held against them as much. He was the adult, he should have known better – he is held to a higher accountability. But teens need to stand accountable for their choices too. Peer pressure, sure. A basketball star offering them alcohol? Yeah, it’s no wonder they accepted. But they could have turned it down and left. They didn’t. They put themselves in a compromising position and made poor choices, and unfortunately now have a lot of deal with.

  10. Exactly – someone asked up there if they think the girls would have taken him up on the offer had he not furnished alcohol, while using the term “basketball star”. Uhh yea I very much do think they would have, and if not these two, then some other two. It was as much about WHO he was as what he was offering. Some random scrub off the street wasn’t going to get nearly as far – the girls made the decision on their own based on his status.

    Remember that if he never provided the alcohol, this, in the eyes of the law, would be a NON-ISSUE with no charges to be filed. There are some people who’ll latch onto anything here – and those were the first to jump on the rape train, and now that those charges are gone, are all over the alcohol.

  11. if you know the R-E-A-L story you would most likely hear where im coming from,but shit this is what white people do best throw the next black man under the bus and HeadlinE it even though everybody in this situation was wrong including the young females.

  12. smh, wat would yo do if i told you………..advertise??? lol get out of hear if you were involved you would know the real story.

  13. If you told me then I’d know the R-E-A-L story.

    You say you have the real story.

    So prove it.

    Put up or shut up.