Gas station at 23rd and Union is open

The 76 gas station at 23rd and Union, which has been closed since November, is now open for business.

The shelves are still in the process of being stocked, but the pumps are working and the doors are open. After the closure, Slog declared the station a victim of urban decay, noting that all four corners were mostly vacant. Since then, however, people have been working to open a bakery and coffee shop in the old Philly’s Cheese Steak building.

Building on the vacant lot across Union from the gas station is still stalled. However, the development money is flowing on the Hill, so perhaps some of that will blow across Madison.

The SPD Drop-In Center keeps getting smashed up and firebombed.

0 thoughts on “Gas station at 23rd and Union is open

  1. Is this station going to have diesel? Would be a wonderful addition to our neighborhood!

  2. I have been in contact with the potential bakery owner off and on since we ran the Four Corners story in December. I will write an update story when I have more information.

  3. currently there is almost none south of the ship canal … there are at least 4 cars using biodiesel in the few blocks around my home

  4. I know for certain that there is a biodiesel filling station at Westlake and Valley in SLU

  5. I read this article yesterday and stopped into the convenience store for a few items. Their shelves are still pretty bare. The guy at the desk said they should be fully stocked later this week.

  6. The Propel station you are referring to sell B20 & B5 .. the # refers to the percentage of biodiesel in the fuel.
    There isn’t B99 south of the ship canal unless one counts West Seattle

  7. I have a diesel and am still not sold on the advantages of biodiesel. Main disadvantages are cludpoint (problems with cold weather use)and decreased power which means less MPG.

  8. I’ve been running my car on Biodiesel for years and i’ve had very few problems .. i just have to remember to mix regular diesel in w/ it when it’s cold out. It’s worth it to me to use less petroleum product