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Changes coming to All Purpose Pizza

Some changes are afoot for APP – we are making several menu and beverage pricing tweaks and are going to be offering SLICES soon!! As soon as it is all said and done, things will be (slightly) cheaper!

If you have any suggestions now is the time to throw them out there! Top of the list on our end: nixing the charge for thin crust AND 1/2 1/2 pies!

We hope to roll out the updated menu in a couple of weeks!

Thanks for your continued support!

Kedra & The APP Staff!

0 thoughts on “Changes coming to All Purpose Pizza

  1. Thanks for listening to customer feedback! I will try again to convince my kiddo that your pizza is the best in the neighborhood.

  2. We’ve enjoyed APP since it opened. We especially like the Weedeater; which, sadly, appears to have been removed from the menu. We’d go more often if prices were lower.

  3. Thanks so much! We love your pizza, salads and the half price pitchers of beer ;o). We feel so lucky to have such a great restaurant in the neighborhood.

  4. I have struggled for a long time about pricing because the dough is SO high maintenance/laborious and the toppings are all top notch (organic, local, etc) and prepped in house – so rather than buying bulk, lower priced “Sysco” products that are pre-prepped and full of preservatives (and who knows what else) – we make everything from scratch in house adding to the overall cost.

    It’s a catch 22 because I want to give the customers what they want, but it has had to come at a price (quite literally)…add that to our very high operating costs (especially rent, utilities, etc) and labor and pricing ends up on the “higher” end. But a lot of research around town shows that prices at APP are in line with other places, but I have needed to create a lower price point for the customers that aren’t into paying $25+ for a whole pizza, hence the slice idea!

    In the end, there were some systems and pricing in place that have needed some updating so that is my goal this month! I am pretty excited about it! Thanks for the feedback!

  5. APP,

    thanks for the great news! after an absence of a couple years or so we have recently rediscovered APP, have enjoyed our pies and put APP near the top of our favs list!

    we hope that the price change does not affect the quality.

    thanks for the great pies and staying in the area.


  6. I should start by saying I love the pizza at APP. The crust is just about the best in town (better than Tom Douglas’ pizza even!) and the toppings are all really killer.

    And yeah, I’d prefer to pay somewhat less for pizza, but if I went to Flying Squirrel or even Piecora’s the pies turn out to be pretty close to one another in price.

    But Kedra, I would love to see improved service at the restaurant. We’ve visited about three times, and consistently get relatively apathetic service by the staff.

    This is our typical experience: when we’ve arrived to get a table, we’ve have to wait several minutes to get acknowledged and asked if we’d like a table. We’ll have two or three different people come up to us to ask for our orders, so we weren’t clear who our server was. At the same time, we find ourselves waiting for far too long in between server visits, with empty water glasses and empty beer glasses. We don’t have somebody checking back in with us to see how our food is, and we have to again wait for someone to get the bill. When we do get a server, there is often a distinct lack of friendliness, and sometimes rudeness there.

    Now none of these things are cardinal sins of service, and it’s never been so bad that I’ve felt the need to complain to a manager. It’s just a cascade of little things that make a not really positive dining experience. The service is bad enough that it makes us choose other options, in spite of how much I love your pizza.

    So I think if there was ONE thing that APP could do to improve your business is to find a way to offer consistent, reliable and friendly service. Without that, I’d rather order in.

    I appreciate everything you do to stay active in the community, and I wish you all the best with APP.

  7. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I need to hear! Thank you Kevin! I am arranging a staff meeting and will address this (and other issues I have seen)! Perfect feedback for me….thanks again for being specific about what you have experienced!!

  8. Our family loves APP, and are thrilled that you are soliciting feedback. That’s cool!

    The Field Roast company is just down Jackson Street, and they make fantastic meat substitutes that would go great on your pizzas. You could offer it as part of your make-your-own menu, or come up with a standard pie recipe of your own…

  9. For listening to feedback. I live on 18th and Jackson and I would love to stop in for slices and great beer.

  10. Hey Kendra-let me just say my wife and I are both from NY so we know a lot about pizza. That said, we’ve been to your spot about 2-3 times since moving into the hood about 2 years ago and generally liked your food. I agree with the poster above though about the service being mediocre (no one was ever rude, just indifferent) but our biggest gripe would be your hours. I can’t tell you on how many occasions we’ve walked by your spot at around 2 or 3 on a Sunday and wished we could have had a beer and a slice on one of your outside chairs (with the dog, of course) during one of those infrequent but gorgeous sunny summer days. Coming from NY, we didn’t really think the prices were that bad but I have to say, when we order pies – which we do at least once a week – we call Piecora’s. We would honestly LOVE to support more local Leschi businesses (we live 2 blocks away) like yourself but currently find it inconvenient. Just some food for thought, pun intended ;)

  11. If you offer slices of Afternoon Delight, I will literally be there every afternoon….and very delighted.

  12. I just wanted to say that it takes a lot of courage to put yourself in a position where people can offer feedback/criticism, namelessly no less. I know that you work very hard to remain neighborhood friendly and still continue to put out a great pizza. I appreciate the food, your willingness to listen to customers and your way of keeping us in the area informed of what is going on in your kitchen ;) Thanks again! and lastly, if the cost goes down, even a bit, thats a bonus:)

  13. Thanks, that is super nice of you to say! And it means a lot!!
    Prices will go down in a noticeable way for people…I will post the changes mid-next week when all is in effect (staff meeting this Friday!!) Thanks to everyone who has contributed!! And to all that support APP!!