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All Purpose Pizza – Now with Gluten Free dough!

Well, your voices were heard!

All Purpose Pizza is now carrying GLUTEN FREE DOUGH! It only comes in 12″ size (like our smallest pizza) and is $13.50 for a cheese! It is a thin crust dough we are getting from Wheatless in Seattle out of Greenlake. Topped with our delicious sauce and gourmet toppings, you end up with a crazy good crispy alternative to our sourdough crust! Pricing will be the same price as all of our 12″ pizzas + $3.15 (CORRECTED 4/12/11-there was a miscommunication on pricing between me and the supplier)  to sub the GF dough! You can order any of our specialty pies or build your own – just let us know you want GF dough!!

Slices are coming Wednesday! A large slice of cheese will be $3.50, pepperoni $3.75 and any two toppings $4 – all will come with a fountain drink! So if you are looking for a quick, less expensive alternative to a whole pizza, this is it!

Service has been inconsistent in the past because we had several part-time people working random days. Now it is just Tish and me as front of the house servers, so your experience will be always be friendly, consistent, and attentive. Tish is our front of house manager and works 5 days a week on the floor. She has been with APP for over 4 years and is invested in making APP a success both on and off shift.  I have also asked her to take on our beer ordering so we are now getting some great and interesting rotating beers on tap. Caitlin and Emily have been with me for 5 years and have phone and pick up orders down to a quick and friendly science. The kitchen staff is probably the best staff we have had since opening! They are dedicated and knowledgeable and ready to make your pie just the way you like it.

Pricing has been on the higher side because the sourdough is so labor intensive and the product I purchase is more expensive/organic/gourmet. In an effort to try and lower pricing while keeping consistency, I have gotten rid of pricing for thin crust and 1/2 & 1/2 pies. I have also capped the “most expensive” specialty pizzas at $27 (feeds a family of 4 or 4-5 adults so about $5.50-$6.75 per person)!

By Wednesday we will be rolling out the updated menu with a few small additions – no subtractions!

Thanks for all of the community feedback! We are renewed in our dedication to our community, neighbors, customers and friends. Thanks for your continued support!

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  1. Very exciting about the GF pizza crust, as my daughter cannot eat gluten! Do you prepare the gluten-free pizzas on a dedicated, separate surface? Contamination from other gluten in the kitchen environment will also be a concern for non-gluten eaters like my daughter.

    thanks again!

  2. Our pizza line is already GF because we use rice flour and corn meal so there is no allergen issues there AND are using a separate pan and cutter to cut the dough! So….yes!!

  3. Stopped in for the first time this weekend to try the pizza…Being GF, there aren’t a lot of pizza options in our neighborhood…The dough and pizza were great! Hope they keep it on the menu…

  4. Thanks for adding this to the menu, Kedra – –
    When we visit family in Portland, I’m always pleasantly surprised by how many eateries have added GF alternatives to their menus, and it makes me realize how this is lacking in Seattle area restaurants. Looking forward to stopping by for this new addition to your menu.


  5. Kedra thank you for your dedication to listening to your customers and community! We’ll be in – again – soon.