Woman runs over property manager’s foot near 23rd and Jackson

A woman in a Subaru intentionally hit a man in the knee, then ran over his foot in a parking lot near 23rd and Jackson before fleeing the scene. The incident occurred around 9:30 a.m. January 24, according to the police report.

The victim was not seriously injured in the hit and run. The vehicle, a light green Subaru Outback SW with a luggage rack on top, is registered to someone near 13th and Union.

The victim told police the suspect sped into the parking lot and parked her vehicle in such a way that she was blocking several parking spaces and the entrance. Two cars tried to enter the parking lot, but could not get around the suspect’s vehicle. One car honked at her, but she did not move. The honking car eventually left.

At this point, the victim left his office to speak with the suspect. He told her he was the property manager and asked her to either pull into a parking space or leave. She told him to “mind his own fucking business,” according to the report. The victim then pulled out his cell phone and walked in front of the car in order to photograph it. She then allegedly stepped on the gas and rammed into his knee. He was barely able to dive out of the way towards the passenger side, but he did get one blurry photo with the license plate legible.

He walked toward the driver’s side and asked, “What’s your problem?” She said, “Get a fucking job,” and “Mind your fucking business.” She then hit the gas again, running over his right foot. After a brief hesitation, she fled southbound on 23rd. She stopped briefly, according to a witness, and said, “He was blocking me from leaving.”

No arrests were noted in the police report, though police do have the license plate number of the suspect vehicle.

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  1. Not only should she be arrested for assault, but she should lose her license to drive permanently…. No one should be able to get away with using a vehicle as a weapon. This person is certainly not someone I want living near me. I hope all of her neighbors read this and I hope she reads this and knows she’s been outed. I also hope the police take this seriously and the victim presses charges.

  2. Been outed? How do you know who this person is? Just because the car is registered to someone at 13th & Union doesn’t mean that’s the person who was driving.

    Let’s not start pointing fingers until we actually know the full details of the story and who actually did this.

  3. I’m not pointing any fingers, I don’t know her, though she lives close enough to concern me and you better be sure I’ll be keeping a close eyeball for bad behavior from any green subarus that I see…. I’m sure there are people who have probably figured it out from her car, her location and her behavior….. I think that’s more than enough information to out someone to people who know them and I’d bet if her neighbors read this they’ll be giving her wide berth and the hairy eyeball.

    But anyway, lets be completely serious here. This person *assaulted* someone with a deadly weapon. Just because the man wasn’t seriously injured doesn’t make the act any less serious. If she had fired a gun at him, but only grazed his leg she’d probably be in jail right now. She should be in jail right now.

  4. It is also possible that the vehicle owner (who may not be the same person) has moved without updating info with the DMV. It’s not clear enough to draw too many conclusions.

  5. Could be indeed – they could have lent the car to someone else too, could have been a family member/girlfriend not on the registration. Still, I won’t be any less wary of green subarus in the neighborhood…. and I’d still be willing to bet people close to her recognize her from the description. Whether you intended to or not, I think you outed her, at very least to people who know her.

  6. I did not realize that it is legal/moral to be printing the F### word in a newspaper. I do believe that I will be writing an agency about this use of language in a paper that can be viewed by young children. Thank you, Bob

  7. I do believe that it is well within the law to print profanity on a web page, especially in the context of a news article…

    I don’t personally have a problem with it. I think its good to know what was said without having it cleaned up and if you want to be outraged, be outraged at the act, not at the journalist.

  8. First, this isn’t a newspaper. Second, it IS legal to print that word, as guaranteed by our very own Bill of Rights (specifically, The 1st Ammendment). Whether “moral” or not is irrelevant since your definition of morality may be completely different than mine. Good Taste on the other hand might be a different matter. In this case it appears that it was a direct quote used by the perpetrator and contained in the police report. The internet is essentially a virtual representation of the REAL WORLD – with all the good and bad that comes along with it. If inappropriate for children, then exercise some supervision of you children!

  9. Only I believe she lives closer to 20th & Marion…she’s a piece of work, too, let me tell ya!

    I’m sure it’s not the same gal, as the car I speak of has OR plates, but they could be twins separated at birth, they are both equally unbelievably rude and horrid.

  10. as a bike commuter – i have had more “almost” accidents with subaru’s – those and the prius drivers are the worst. suburu drivers are funny though – they are sort of the most dis ingenuine “outdoor” people i have come across. look at me, i’m in a suburu, i got the car in an effort to appear a part of the seattle culture when i moved here from east of the mississippi. we drive like assholes but its okay, this is a zero waste car and we really need to get to REI’s semi annual sale to get this patagonia jacket i have been eyeing all season.

  11. Daniel’s right – it isn’t a newspaper, it’s a community blog. It isn’t like a radio station or television station transmitting over government controlled airwaves with rules applied to it like that. And he wasn’t using it in a derogatory way or in name calling.

    Personally, I did a double take when I read the direct quote, then I thought, “Atta boy, Tom. Staying true to the police report.” I applaud it. I hope it doesn’t become standard language in reporting, but we have some liberties here that radio and tv stations don’t have, and once in a while we should take advantage of that.

  12. Pretty sure that lady moved to Seattle from Wicker Park, Chicago. Possibly Logan Square.

    Glad the dude on the bike wasn’t wearing his Toms.

  13. As a bike commuter, I also own a Subaru. I do my best to commute safely on my bike & drive safely in my car when I need that. I don’t believe that I “resemble the remark”. I know lots of careful drivers of all car persuasions…& lots of “car jerks” & “bike jerks” too.

  14. That this was an *assault*, in this case it is clearly not about driving, the ability to drive, ignorance of the law – it is about trying to kill or at least harm someone…

    The only reason that it was a car concerns me as much as it does, is that I think that these things are taken less seriously because of the choice of weapon…. You want to get away with killing someone, run them over… I think someone with a temper that dangerous needs to be taken seriously and this crime needs to be taken seriously.

    I truly hope that she’s caught and charges are pressed. I think that in addition to any criminal penalties she might face, I hope she also loses her license to drive permanently.

  15. Using car as a deadly weapon is nothing new. In fact, in a society that seems to forgive practically any crime done with a motor vehicle, it’s a great way to get away with murder. Fortunately, the victim didn’t die, but the driver should be charged with first degree assault all the same.

  16. Robert: Are you kidding me? We’re discussing a serious crime here and all you care to mention is some of the language used? You seriously have your priorities messed up – and trust me, words like FUCK and SHIT are much more commonplace in the playground of these “young children” than your naive mind can comprehend. But I digress – the use of these words in this article is spot on. It paints a much clearer picture of how deranged this woman is and adds emphasis on her demeanor. Focus please and quit bitching about aspects of the article that have no relevance to the point it’s trying to make.

  17. Is she a white woman of slight build around 40 years old?

    On the other point of note, there are a lot of Subarus in Seattle; statistically you are more likely to be hit by one than any other make.

    “we drive like assholes but its okay, this is a zero waste car and we really need to get to REI’s semi annual sale to get this patagonia jacket i have been eyeing all season.”

    That was pretty funny shtick.

  18. @just a guy in the CD

    I drive an old Subaru Forester because it’s reliable and was affordable, and sometimes I enjoy the outdoors. I also came to Seattle with my parents when I was a child. I guess that makes me an asshole?

  19. no. maybe that just makes you the person those i was speaking of are trying to emulate.

  20. Someone hit my husbands car – he got the license plate, description of car AND a description of the driver. That apparently wasnt enough information for the police or the insurance company to nail the woman. They let her go totally free and clear. I was livid. I really hope that doesnt happen here but it just goes to show that even when you think there is no way they can get away with it… they do.

  21. It’s probably best to not read this blog anymore Bob if you and your family cannot handle the word Fuck! That way you can be happy in your censored world and the rest of us can read the real stories -freedom of speech is awesome!