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Green Plate Special groundbreaking and work party

You may have seen the new sign up on the corner of MLK and Union in the empty lot. It’s another step on the way for Green Plate Special, the “garden-to-table” program for low income and underserved youth we wrote about last month.

The program will host a groundbreaking and volunteer work party on Sunday, Feb. 13. The space will eventually serve as a teaching garden and kitchen for middle school youth in the neighborhood. Young volunteers are also welcome, as the project is seeking a core team of 6-8 youth, 11-15 years old, to help design the garden.

Here’s the details of the Feb. 13 event, slated for 10-4:


  • Removing and bagging garbage
  • Helping Todd and the bobcat remove Blackberry roots
  • Loading organic debris onto the truck
  • Piling rock and cement for removal or “creative reuse”
  • Loading garbage onto the truck
  • Helping Todd and the bobcat take down the old brick walls and separate brick to be reused in the garden
  • Planting sweet peas and runner beans at the base of our signs (have you notice they are changing with the property?)


  • Have the trees pruned; if so, there will be wood to cut and stack
  • Level the ground as much as possible in preparation for our next steps
  • Share with you our visions


  • Introduce yourselves
  • Lend a hand
  • Share coffee, cocoa and something cold
  • Share a snack (we are looking for snack donations too)
  • If you have special skills to volunteer we welcome your input!
  • All are welcome, though RSVPs are requested to [email protected].

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    1. I think I should be able to make it. I need weight the positive side of Karma a little in my favor.