Suspects in robbery near Judkins Park arrested in Renton – UPDATED

Suspects in a robbery early this morning near S King Street and 23rd Ave S were arrested by Renton Police, according to the SPD Blotter:

On February 22nd, at approximately 12:48 AM, East Precinct officers responded to a call of an armed robbery in the 500 Block of 23rd Avenue South.  Officers arrived and met with the victim.  She stated that she had been with both suspects earlier in the night.  As the suspects were dropping her off at a friend’s house, the victim asked one of the suspects for her cell phone back.  He refused to give it back.  The victim attempted to take the phone back, but the suspect slashed at her with a knife, cutting the sleeve of her jacket.  The other suspect then pointed a handgun at the victim and told her to get out of the car. The victim was able to call 911 from her friend’s phone.  Officers conducted an extensive area search but did not locate the suspect vehicle.  However, they did request that Communications broadcast a description of the suspect vehicle to officers in other precincts, as well as neighboring jurisdictions.  A short time later, Renton Police located the vehicle with both suspects still inside.  The two suspects were taken into custody and later turned over to Seattle Police.  The suspect vehicle was impounded.  The male suspects, ages 17 and 18,  were booked into the Youth Services Center and King County Jail respectively for Investigation of Robbery.

UPDATE: Seattle Times and the P.I. report that one of the teens arrested in this incident is one of the teens convicted in the 2008 murder of the Tuba Man (thanks seakaypenner and carolyn for the tips). Since being released, the 18-year-old has pleaded guilty to robbing a man at 6th and Seneca in July 2010. He was also arrested for causing a disturbance on a Metro bus in January, though he was later cleared. While in custody for the bus incident, however, he allegedly bragged to the officers about being one of the Tuba Man killers.

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  1. Yeah, I got a first-hand look at these characters when I was on my way home from Northwest Spine Clinic.
    IT was crazy! There were policemen everywhere.
    Best day of my week thus far!

  2. According to the Times, one of the suspects was one of the guys who participated in the killing of the Tuba Man….and more.