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CASA Latina invites the community to leave their mark on a Latino institution by buying a personaliz

“For sixteen years we operated out of temporary and borrowed space and for eleven years we ran a worker center out of a parking lot.  For years we have dreamed of having our own building where Latino immigrants can find friends and community, learn English, and look for work in dignity.  This beautiful building will be a symbol of permanence and a source of pride for the Latino immigrant community,” said Hilary Stern, Executive Director.

Casa Latina has already raised 97% of a $4.3 million capital fundraising campaign.  Now the community has the chance to buy the final bricks that will finish the campaign.  Each brick will be engraved with the text of the buyer’s choice– their own name, the name of a loved one, or a name of a group—and will be placed in the entryway, stairway, and landing to Casa Latina’s new building. Construction is estimated to begin in the summer of 2011 and bricks will be installed during the construction process.

“As an immigrant in this country, it means so much to be able to have my name on this building, especially this organization that has helped me so much” said Araceli Hernandez. “It’s like being a part of history, setting down roots.  I’m going to buy a brick with my son’s name on it and with my name on it.”

 “I will be purchasing a brick in remembrance of my great grandfather, an Italian immigrant who also worked as a day laborer, but 80 years ago in San Francisco. Who or what will you remember?” says Emily Gaggia, ESL coordinator at Casa Latina.

 The funds raised from the brick campaign will be used to support Casa Latina’s $4.3 million Capital Campaign, of which 97% has been raised to date. The campaign will help Casa Latina increase its capacity to offer vital job and language skills training to Latino immigrants, as well as help new entrepreneurs start small businesses.  The new facility will be a dignified and vibrant community space that will include a plaza inspired by Latino culture and will provide a symbol of hope and stability for Casa Latina’s participants. Casa Latina connects Latino immigrants new to the Seattle area with education and employment opportunities, empowering them to participate in the economy and democracy of this country.

 To buy bricks, go to for an order form.  This is a limited time offer.  The first 100 bricks bought will be placed in the entryway.

 About Casa Latina

CASA Latina is a grassroots nonprofit organization established in 1994 that gives voice to low-wage Latino immigrant workers and families in Seattle. For more information, visit

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