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Sarap Cafe serves sandwiches, soups and smiles

Sarap Cafe has set up a food truck in the Pratt Fine Arts parking lot at 19th Avenue S & S Jackson Street. Sarap Cafe’s proprietor, Victor, said he set up shop about two months ago. He worked in food service in Las Vegas for many years, but now lives in Kent.

Victor chose to locate Sarap Cafe in Seattle rather than in Kent because food cart regulations are different in the two cities. In Kent, food carts have to relocate every three months, but in Seattle they can stay established in one location for as long as the property owner approves, he said.

Sarap Cafe serves up cold cut sandwiches, egg rolls, noodle soups, milkshakes and coffee.  For $5.20 customers can get a combo consisting of a sandwich, bag of chips, and a can of soda.  Six egg rolls are $3.00 and sandwiches alone are $3.20.  The friendly service is included free of charge. 

Sarap Cafe is open Monday-Friday, 8:30-3:30 and accepts cash only.  

5 thoughts on “Sarap Cafe serves sandwiches, soups and smiles

  1. This food is incredible, I just wish it was open in the evenings so I could grab some dinner. The soup and egg rolls are fresh and are made with a Phillipino recipe I think.

    Kudos to Pratt for encouraging Sarap to set up shop. Can Pratt find a taco truck too, maybe partner with Casa Latina? A food cart market would be awesome.

    I eat at the Portland food cart markets every time I go down there. They even got written up in the NY Times.

  2. A food cart market? Casa Latina call on it’s resources? That’s a great idea. I know Casa Latina have workers who can cook for the home and events and such.

  3. SARAP CAFE IS AWESOME PLACE……GOOD FOOD…I tried the food and its really really delecious…<3 <3 <3...:)))))))) you guys should come by more often!!!