Attempted iPod snatching goes awry at 23rd and Jefferson

Seattle Crime reports that a man who tried to grab a bus passenger’s iPod while exiting at 23rd and Jefferson was left empty-handed after falling and hitting a tree.

From Seattle Crime:

The victim was sitting near the back door on a Metro bus just before 1:00pm on February 10th when the bus stopped at 23rd and Jefferson.

A ponytailed man ran by the victim, grabbed his iPod, and tried to jump off the bus.

The victim held on to his mp3 player and followed the suspect off the bus, falling on top of the suspect.

According to the report, “the suspect hit his head on a tree and let go of the iPod.”

The victim hopped back on the bus and left the attempted thief on the ground.

0 thoughts on “Attempted iPod snatching goes awry at 23rd and Jefferson

  1. I love this. I often think about what I’d do if someone tried to grab my phone while I was on the bus. I’d like to think I’d react like the victim in this instance. I think too often these petty thieves encounter no opposition because so many of us live in fear. At times that fear is justified and it seems stupid to put our lives in danger for something as insignificant as an ipod or a phone. But sometimes people just need to stand up for themselves. Way to go!