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Promenade 23 Feedback Meetings

CADA announced last week the pending sale of the Promenade 23 Shopping Center.  In making this announcement, CADA was hoping to engage community dialogue and feedback regarding the sale via this the online forum.  Since online forums may not be for everyone, we would like to meet with you directly. 

 CADA is a non profit community development corporation (CDC).  Our mission is to revitalize the Central Area neighborhood.  Since 1994 we have worked to articulate, advocate and implement community needed change. Therefore community input is essential to our business—as we serve the community.

 CADA intends to reach out to the new owner of Promenade 23. The outreach will be to, hopefully, start open and constructive dialogue articulating the community’s needs.  Therefore we would appreciate you articulating what visions you want to see at Promenade 23 to CADA. We know that you, the community, have many positive ideas, concerns and questions regarding Promenade 23’s future. CADA wants to express those ideas and issues to the new owner of Promenade 23 for you. 

CADA’s CEO, George Staggers, will hold a series of small community meetings to discuss Promenade 23 and Jackson Street business development.  Initial meetings will be held:

                                                            Date:     March 1, 2, & 3, 2011

                                                           Time:    6:00 PM -7:00 PM

                                                            Place:  CADA–320 17th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98144

If you are interested in attending a meeting, please call CADA at (206) 328-2240 ext 4.  Our office cannot accommodate more than a group of ten per meeting.

Please come and share your vision for Promenade 23 and Jackson Street.  If you have the opportunity, please view CADA’s website ( to learn more about our work. We look forward to meeting you! 

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  1. The size of the meetings do not reflect a range level of interest on anyone’s part. It has to do with the fact that our office can not accomodate a large group. Comments from users on this site stated they didn’t feel comfortable expressing their opinions online. We are guessing some of the same people don’t like the large town hall style meetings either. We thought that some of those people might actually like a series of smaller meetings where they could speak directly with us. This is just one form of outreach. If people utilize these meetings, great! We’ll continue them.

  2. Will you also be considering the postings on this subject that have been made online? There seem to be at least two threads going.

  3. @Carolyn…Yes, we have been observing all comments posted to all three recent Promenade 23 articles.

  4. Whatever else you communicate to the new owners, they should be aware of the asshats prone to create mayhem in the area (e.g., the brawl and laptop thief at Starbucks recently). In fact, I might suggest that Starbucks could use some of its corporate revenues to hire some security for that store.

  5. Depends on whos looking at it. I am a full time minimum wage worker barely paying my mortgage and it is bad in my eyes, very bad. Feel free to go live in Compton or Watts if that kind of environment is fun for you.