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Hello neighbors,

Our friendly UPS driver handed over my package to a man claiming to live in my home, on the street, in front of my home.

Guess what, that guy doesn’t live here.

We were home at the time of delivery, and saw the truck, but figured since we didn’t hear our gate or a knock at the door (per usual for deliveries), that it wasn’t ours. I tracked the package that was due any minute a short time later to find that it was delivered according to UPS. Awesome. I hope those dresses fit you, kind sir!

Anyone had this happen to them? Or particularly similar? We know all about packages being ripped off from the front porch, so we only have items delivered when we are home. Guess that’s not good enough either.


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  1. You really need to watch your packages! Introduce yourself to your UPS driver and ask for their name and tell them that they are being followed to take the UPS packages.

  2. We are home most days, and have found UPS often just drops packages on our front steps without attempting to make contact. After returning from an extended vacation, our neighbor down the block, found a package had been left on her porch for just over a week. Fortunately her package was undamaged, but it could have gone the other way.

    Years ago, UPS often would not deliver packages locally unless they got an answer to their knock. We would get home and find a notice saying they would try again. Usually this just ment we needed to pick it up. Seems there should be a middle ground.

  3. is my preference. However, my understanding is that they don’t have the same ability to negotiate fees with large entities that the private companies have. USPS has to serve everyone since it the service is for the public good and not for profit. Often Fed Ex (often a real nightmare or daymare) or UPS forwards the more difficult addresses or rural packages to USPS for delivery. Thus they skim off the easiest and more densely populated areas for profit and figure a way to cheaply integrate with USPS. Oh and by the way, so far the USPS offices are quite accessible to all for package pick up.

    Fedex does not really check addresses that well. One day I happened to be home and noted that were delivering a large package resembling something I was expecting three door down the street. I walked over and pointed out that the address did match the address on the package. He said they were delivering to this house no matter what. Luckily, I knew the neighbor and they gave me permission to retrieve my package. This is not to say USPS gets it all right all the time. Most of the carriers are great, but occasionally they or a sub get the address wrong. UPS usually seems to have some degree of caring about getting it right. Fed Ex is not trust worthy. When I called them about the incident they took down the info finally and maintained a neutral attitude with no apology.

  4. I put a sign on my door telling them not to leave packages. I’d rather get a notice and prepare to have someone home, than get my stuff endlessly stolen from the porch.

  5. Depending on what box the sender checked, some deliveries don’t require signature and thus I think they can just leave it on the porch – I’ve had things left on my porch without even a knock, but I believe that was USPS, not UPS.

    A couple of weeks ago I had a FedEx package on my porch that belonged to the same address…only one street over. Driver must not have been reading street signs. I walked it over and left it on their porch. I probably should have knocked and let them know it was out there – oops. It was small and it was evening time, so hopefully they were home and retrieved it quickly.

    I’ve had so many deliveries go awry with UPS at work that I refuse to use them. That really is a shame, because I like the delivery guys and it usually isn’t their fault – these were packages I had sent out for clients out of the area that were mishandled, delivered late, never delivered, sat on trucks for three nights…etc. So far FedEx hasn’t let me down like that…(knock on wood).

    One good thing about UPS is that nice driver who recently rescued that poor emaciated dog from the park. I hope he wasn’t the one who gave your delivery away.

    I hope you get your item resent or back in your possession.